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Mother Nature Is Not Very Nice, But The UPS Man Is

Yesterday here in Waterford it was 81 degrees.  Today it is 43, yes you read that right 43 degrees!  Almost a 40 degree difference in 24 hours.

This is my patented “not amused” face.

DSC_0053I do admit that for most of the day, I let my bad mood take hold & then this happened!

DSC_0012Oh my dog it’s here!  The fabled BlogPaws swag box.

DSC_0014I gotta go, my mom person says we can open the box now!  Stay tuned.

She’s Back From BlogPaws But…

BP logo

There’s a lot of good news about my mom person’s trip to BlogPaws & she made it home safe & sound.

BlogPaws is known for great swag.  Tons of stuff that she brings home for me to try out.  New treats to try, new products to review.  Just check out this picture of Flat Oskar with the contents of the BlogPaws swag bag.

2013-05-16 14.36.25

So when she got home Sunday, I couldn’t wait for her to empty her suitcase so I could see all the goodies she brought for me.  Here’s a photo…

DSC_0018Can you see the look on my face?  That’s all that she brought home with her.  And they’re cat treats!

The good news is that she said she got so many pawsome things for me to try out, she had to have them shipped home.  They should be here on Thursday or Friday.

She did have the good grace to feel bad that she forgot to pack any treats in her suitcase for me.  I think this will come in handy when the box does come.  I think the guilt factor will encourage her to be very generous.

Tomorrow she’ll have a post about some of the great people she met.  For now I’m just biding my time and working on my sad face so that she feels the appropriate amount of guilt, guaranteeing me a great payoff when the box of goodies does finally come.