An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Spike

Spike is the new spokesdog for Iams Naturals dog food & he sent me a behind the scenes sneak peek of the filming of his latest commercial to share with all of you!

I eat both the new Simple & Natural and the original Healthy Naturals varities.  We switch them up, so it always seems like I’m getting a new food.  My mom person says that I’m getting awesome nutrition from a great company.

Here’s some info on the new Iams Naturals.
– New IAMS Sensitive Naturals – ideal for dogs with ingredient sensitivities.
– New IAMS Simple & Natural – simply made for dogs and contains our highest quality ingredients from nature.

Each of the IAMS Naturals products have higher levels of antioxidants like vitamin E for a healthy immune system, more Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil for healthy skin and coat, real chicken, fish or lamb meal for building strong, lean muscles and natural prebiotics for healthy digestion.

– None of the IAMS Naturals recipes contain fillers or artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.
– All of our IAMS Naturals recipes are available at pet specialty stores, mass retailers and grocers.

My mom person has been lucky enough to get to know many people behind the Iams & Eukanuba brands & we are proud to say that I am a Iams dog!



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  1. Ooohh..can't waits to see da final commercial. Hmmmm, me wonders if dat food helps wit da winkles…guess not….Spike sure has lots of winkles!

  2. Hi Oskar,
    Tinker came with a bag of Iams… Not the Naturals tho.
    We are into the Natural for us, the humans and the animals!!!! When it is time to buy food for her it will be the Naturals!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  3. Oskar, our household is completely iams and has been for years. That's a golden retriever and two cats and they love it!

    Thanks for sharing Spike with us. Jeez, now we know a star (besides you, of course!)


  4. Hey! We're back in blogland and making our rounds!

    It's so cool to see the behind-the-scenes footage – you've certainly got the hookups!

    And how HANDSOME Spike is!!!!

  5. Olá OSKAR…
    Fiquei feliz com sua visita.
    Volte sempre, amo bater papinho com meus amiguinhos e voce sempre será bem vindo.
    Só não vi voce como meu amigo no meu quadrinho de amigos. Se der, seja meu amigo lá e coloque sua fotinho, seerá UM GRANDE PRAZER.
    Legal que voce gostou da TRADUÇÃO, espero que esteja entendo tudo agora.
    Eu traduzo o seu blog, e estou gostando muito.
    Bom final de semana e volte sempre.
    Aus 1000 da amiguinha brasileira…


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