Meet Elvis Iams Senior Plus Honorable Mention Winner

My good friends at Iams are celebrating their new Iams Senior Plus diets with a contest

Here is the story of Elvis, who has earned the “Honorable Mention” title in the contest because he’s a dog that refuses to act his age.

“Elvis is a Vizsla, a breed that needs a lot of exercise. For many years he was my husband’s mountain bike riding companion and now he is my hiking companion. Even though he is now gray in the face, people still remark about how he acts like a puppy – running ahead on the trail, getting excited when meeting new dogs, and spontaneously jumping into a stream to get a stick. He is a true part of our family and a joy to be around.”

And in case you’re interested, each week, the team at Iams will select one dog and one cat 11 years of age or older (9 years of age or older if your dog is a large breed) that refuses to act their age. Just submit a current picture of your cat or dog and tell us how or why they refuse to act their age.  



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  1. Elvis looks great for a senior pup. Phantom would qualify by age, but he doesn't really do much any more, other than sleep all day and beg for cookies all night. Not sure that would count:)

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Maxwell: can I submit Faraday? He refuses to act his age. He's SUCH a brat!

    Allie: This is ool – we've never heard of a Vizla!

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