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How do you welcome your people home? The unconditional love we give our people is obvious with just one glance.

Iams knows that us pets play a very important role in our people’s lives; we’re truly part of the family AND because of that, Iams is asking YOU to choose the stories that speak to you the most!

There are 5 new TV ads that are all featured on the Iams Facebook page and are inspired by real stories of unconditional love.

Here’s where you come in.  Vote for your favorite new Iams ad on their Facebook page through November 29th.  I know that’s tomorrow  so jump on this quickly.  The winning ads will begin running on national TV in early December.

I have an Iams gift basket to give away to one lucky reader.  To enter leave a comment on this post telling me how you greet your people when they come home.  I howl my brains out when my people come home because I’m just so excited to see them, even if they’ve only been gone a little while.

Tell me what you do to greet your people by midnight EST on 11/29 to be eligible to win an Iams gift basket filled with goodies customized for either a cat or dog.  One comment will be selected at random to win.

Open to US residents only.


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  1. Kiba and Stryder stand up and claw at my legs, Charlie circles around my legs with a toy in her mouth wagging her whole body, Tsuki jumps up in down like a pogo stick and Lincoln does flips off my butt until I pick him up and give him a hug and kiss. I can be gone 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 seconds, and I get the same greeting everytime.

    ~Love, the SugarHighK9s
    Meredith recently posted..Black and White SundayMy Profile

  2. Well, we tried to go vote, we don’t have a facebook so I and we couldn’t find the five videos to vote on, sorry

    Susie & bites

  3. I bark like crazy when my dad comes home and I bounce around because I am so darn happy to see him! My brother Denny – he has a gold fish memory (10 seconds long) so when Dad comes home he thinks he is a stranger and gives lots of warning barks and stays way clear. Jackie – he just waits under the table until it is all quiet and then he will come out and shyly say hello.
    Reilly & Denny recently posted..The smallest Cowspotdog!!!My Profile

  4. Star and Leo sit by the door and stare at it while waiting for their daddy to come home! if we’re both gone for a long period of time, Star greets us by NOT greeting us. We must be punished, after all, for abandoning her. Leo has not learned this yet and is super glad to see us and wants cuddles!
    I’m assuming your gift basket is for doggies? So I suppose you should count us out as we’re all kitties! Cool idea though!

  5. We can’t get Mom to do Facebook. But we can tell you that when they leave us at home, we all gather in the little hall by the entry door from the garage. When they come home, they can hardly open the door as we all greet them. Then we all run to the other door so we can get outside and take care of business:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. When we are outside, we can hear Dads Truck, I start running to the back door while barking and Bites runs to the gate on the drive and just wags his tail till the garage door goes up, then to the back door he comes, on the fly. Once we are in its just lots of wiggles, carzy little snortings sounds and tails waggin so hard our bodies move with them, and run around like goof balls. Shadow just wags her tail and slowly walks in!!

    Your Pals
    Susie, Bites & Shadow

  7. I usually wait at the top of the stairs for my peeps and then dance around when they come up the stairs. Every once in awhile I don’t wake up and my assistant finds me sleeping in my bed.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hi Oskar our pal!
    Let’s see…Toby Moses gets real upset and tells mamas off while trying to push them over by shoving his face into their lower legs. The rest of us’uns just bark and wag and paw their legs. The cats usually meow…but are a little more relaxed about their greeting, where us puggers get right in your face even before you have closed the door.

  9. I sit like a gentle Dood and wag my tail at my mom while smiling at her with loving eyes. Then I rush over to her and she gives me the bestest “pet-down” and tells me that she missed me and thought of me every minute while she was gone. Stanley is a much more vocal greeter. He starts howling and barking as soon as he hears the car in the garage and starts acting like a crazy Dood that has been left along for 77 years. As soon as he can get to our pawrents he jumps at them, claws at them, and grabs their wrists in his mouth.

    Your Pals Still Searching for Santa Paws But Have Come Up With An Idea To Be Revealed On Friday,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. It doesn’t matter if mama is gone for five seconds or five hours…or even if she is just in taking a shower. If she is out of our site at ALL, we go absolutely CRAZY and run around & jump and bark!! We are always SO excited to see our mama!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug
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  11. Well we Beaglebratz haf kinda a hard time since The Diva Shasta iz in a crate BUTT she duz AROOOOO when she hearz mom git in the house. Me, Shiloh – goez tue the door tue greet mom when she gitz in the house an’mom knowz I am most happee tue c her cuz I am waggin’my tail an’just haf a happee look then I start followin’her. Course we KNOW mom knowz how x-sited we iz even b-4 she gitz in the door cuz we both bark our greetinz’tue her. An’we Beaglebratz just know it iz her. Then when mom letz Diva Shasta out of her crate – The Diva runz all over an’grabz her Santa Mickie an’runz sum more. Then we both start followin’mom sum more.
    Shiloh’n The Diva Shasta
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  12. Cinderella and I stay in our crates when Momma is gone. So when she comes home, as soon as she opens the bedroom door and says “Hi puppies!”, we just start wiggling our whole bodies to show her how much we missed her. Then when she opens my crate, I jump out and start dancing around with my toy in my mouth to tell her all about my exciting day.
    Casey the Boxer recently posted..It’s coming!My Profile

  13. I jump around on all fours and bark at my mom until she FINALLY properly acknowledges me by picking me up and rubbing my tummy, at which point I proceed to kiss her face EVERYWHERE!!!! 😀

  14. Me,Olivia,and my sisters, bark like crazy! Very loud, we also run to mom and stand on her until see gives us a hug. Then she leaves us out to go potty. When we come in, we don’t bark but we want hugs. When dad come home I really bark because I can put my ball anyplace I want and he will get it. I have him well trained. Mom does not allow that. We must listen to mom.
    We are going to vote,now. Dog kisses from all of us!

  15. I try to stand on my back legs (a thing that even the cat can do apparently); but I am small with a round tummy so the results are comical. Everyone seems pleased about it though, even that cat. Treats are usually forthcoming.

  16. I’m Artie and I like to run around my mom in circles. My tail is wagging the whole time. Kouga my brother, he talks to mom. Then mom bends down and hugs both of us. When dad gets home we do the same thing. Mom has to wait till were done, before she gets to greet dad.

  17. My dog tulip runs to the door when she hears me. I open it a crack to see if she’s there, and her nose pokes out the crack. I then have to tell her to move back so I can get inside! Lol she then gives me and anything I bring in a good sniff to see where I’ve been. If we’ve been gone awhile sometimes she makes a noise that sounds like “where were you?”

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