Memphis Anchor Spreads Pit Bull Hate #PitBull

Oskar’s mom person here.  I don’t usually do the same post on Oskar’s blog as I do on Pet Blogs United, but I feel this issue warranted the duplication.  If you’re reading it twice, I apologize.

Picture from My Fox Memphis web page.

Ernie Freeman, Anchor on Fox13’s My Fox Memphis had this to say yesterday on his Twitter account @ErnieFreeman:

“Let me be clear…Pit-Bulls are savage beasts. #KillerPitBulls”

Then once he started getting a negative response sent up this sad message asking for supporters.

Click this picture and like the page.  Help me out. The Pit Bull owners are taking over my page.”

He touts himself as being a 4 time Emmy Award winner and alumni of Michigan State.  Being from Michigan I’m embarrassed about the latter.

I left this comment on his FB page.

It links to Corbins Guest Post on Blogville’s Pitty Post Day.

Today he says he is done discussing the topic.  In a another FB post I told him, “When you make a sweeping statement that “Pit Bulls are savage beasts” along with using #KillerPitBulls, you are using your platform to promote ignorance. You don’t get to decide to be done after such an attack on an innocent and loving breed of animal.”

I think My Fox Memphis has a right to know what people feel about their anchor’s views on Pit Bulls.  Here is their contact information.

To write us, send your correspondence to:

485 S. Highland
Memphis, TN 38111

Main number: (901) 320-1340

News tips: (901) 320-1340

News Tip E-mail:



Share your pictures:


Or you can contact Ernie directly:

Ernie Freeman Facebook

Ernie on Twitter: @ErnieFreeman

We all know that Pit Bulls have a hard enough time without influential people in the media using their platforms for hate.  Let’s stand up to this bully.


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  1. That’s horrible! The news media are directly responsible for the villification of pit bulls. I’ve known people who call in reports about vicious dogs and dog attacks, and the first question they’re asked is, “Was it a pit bull?” If not, the media isn’t interested! I wish they would actually report the NEWS instead of just showing their own biases!

  2. Mrs. Master e-mailed him. She can’t stand when people don’t like pitties and even contemplates running for city council to get our no pit bull law reversed.


  3. It’s not the animals, it’s the owners!! Sadly pitbulls are banned in the UK 🙁 mainly because it was thugs who owned and used them as their “weapon of choice”. Even Staffies are looked on with suspicion now. A very sad state of affairs 🙁
    CATachresis recently posted..I’m now a statistic!My Profile

  4. what a peace of shit, am i allowed to say all black people are gang members that will break into your house because some black people are criminals?

    you would think a black person of all people would understand prejudgment.

  5. Wow – I don’t even know what to say! This is incredibly ignorant of him. I’m trained in psychology, so my tendency is to think “maybe he had a bad experience with a pit bull…?” but even if he has, he shouldn’t classify them all as terrible! 🙁

    I believe that – just as with any animal – his or he disposition is often a product of his or her environment (if it’s not a health-related issue). Behavior problems can be worked through.

    I just don’t even know what to say to this…it’s awful!

    Thank you for sharing.
    Fur Everywhere recently posted..Jewel Goes to the VetMy Profile

  6. What a disgusting thing to say!On Air too!How can he be allowed to get away with statements like that?Cant the media understand that it cant air personal views of the employees and need to be more responsible when it comes to sensitive topics. So many people are doing so much to help pit-bulls. Such comments can cause a lot of damage.
    The other day a radio jockey here in India on a popular FM channel was repeatedly making fun of dogs and babbling away about how they are a menace in parks.As if all dogs are untrained and need to be banned from parks! But hardly ever anything happens to disuade them. However, if someone even hints at some negativity about a politician the whole world gets upside down and even arrests happen. Why cant there be stricter rules when it concerns animals?
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  7. There’s this lovely pic on the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals)Croydon branch’s FB page – two pitbulls sleeping very very sweetly with the words “Hatred is taught, not bred”.

    Hello lovely Oskar and mum! Take care

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