Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day, 2013Happy Mother’s day to all of you mom people out there.

Here’s a picture of me with my first mom, Shelley.

Day 1 Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs 8I’m not quite sure which one I am, but if you see the excessively handsome on, that’s me.

100_1779-2That is an old picture of me & my mom person because she didn’t feel like taking a new one today & since it is Mother’s Day I let her off the hook.

173 (2)Here’s my mom person with my boys, John & Jack.  She tells them that they are the best thing that ever happened to her, but I have a suspicion that she tells them that so they don’t feel bad that I’m her favorite.

My mom person & I are going to lay in bed & read until later today when we get to go see her mom person, better known as my monnie, for a BBQ.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mom person to someone else!

Thanks to the amazing Ann at Zoolatry the the pawsome graphic!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. And I love the idea of a BBQ When my MOM gets done with church to night I am going to tell her I want to give her a BBQ for mother’s day. Thanks for the great idea.
    Goose recently posted..I Love my MOMMy Profile

  2. Yeah, we think she’s just being nice. Because YOU have to be the BEST thing that happened to her. But we’ll keep the secret.

    We know you made the day special for your mum. We’re impressed you have a picture of your own mum!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

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