Pet Blogs United Is Down Again, What’s Up With Our Roses & A Blue Update

Okay, so the squirrels have gotten to Pet Blogs United again…we can’t access through Blogger.  AGAIN!

Please be patient with us.  Hopefully we will be able to move PBU to WordPress soon.

Now for our question of the day.

When my peeps bought this house 18 years ago, they planted peach colored roses in front.  This one is sad, but they were all this color.

DSC_0009But most of the roses are now scarlet.


DSC_0012Does anyone know why they would change colors after 18 years?

In good news, the new Blue’s my mom person ordered from Walmart online are available to be picked up at the store today!  Something about a pulled muscle & something called a muscle relaxer are keeping her from getting them for me today though.




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  1. The Blogger Squirrel’s strike, nasty thingies, we will be here when you recover. Now about that blue thing, what do you mean its in and no one will go get it, OMD they tore it up, What’s wrong Here!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Oh forgot, the pinkie to red, know idea, we just eat Moms rose’s here no matter what color!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Sorry to hear about PBU being down. What a hassle for you guys. Paws crossed that it all gets sorted out.

    As for your roses, they can change colors if the acidity of the soil changes (which I guess is possible after 18 years). Some experts say that light roses can become flushed with pink if they have been exposed to a cool spring.

    Yay for the new Blue! We hope Mom Pam’s muscle feels better soon, so you can go pick it up!

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  4. I never heard of roses changing colors butt someone said to Mommy if you add rusty nails to the dirt by a snowball bush (or at least thats what mom calls them), the blooms will turn a different color. Not sure which way — either the pink ones turn blue or something like that. Mommy never experimented burying nails, becuase she feared somehow we would dig up the nails and get hurt. Maybe Aliens buried nails at your place and that’s why the roses changed colors?

  5. So Sorry that SQUIRRELLY BLOGGER has been BAD … again.

    Now about the roses… that is not at all uncommon… Soil and Weather BOTH effect them… and cause the color changes… Almost always from LIGHT colors back to the ORIGINAL RED color that roses were in the very beginning…
    I guess you could say it is their Attempt to GET BACK TO THEIR ROOTS… BaaaaaWaaaah I made a Frankie Funny fur you.

  6. There is a lot of botony behind it but as we understand it many roses, maybe all for all we know, are grafted on a red root and then the new color grows from the red root. If something damages the grafted root vine then the red takes over. Just what we were told once since our roses went from salmon color to red!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  7. Probably soil composition….but that’s only a guess. We don’t know much about plants.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Maybe squirrels painted them.

  8. Oh, sometimes that Blogger!!
    As for the roses…I thinks it’s squirrel pee!!! Yups, I thinks that tree rats have been peein’ on your rose bushes!! BOL
    pees: hopes your Moms feels better soon! Pulled muscles are NO funs!
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  9. Yes, the Roses have died back to the ground, or were broken off, what ever happened, the red color is the “root stock” color. The Root Stock is what the pink rose was grafted onto(that red root stock is more plentiful and hardy)..I don’t believe that anything can be done, unless you dig them up and get new roses…sorry…

  10. Mr. Oskar, Mr. Oskar, we know what’s wrong with your rosies! That red rosie is a MUTANT rosie! We had them in our front yard, there was one bush of them and it would grow really really big, and then it would grow underground and come up and attach itself to the other kinds of rosies and sometimes there would be mutant rosies and the other rosies on the same bush! It would even plant itself in other parts of the yard that were far away! We don’t have our rosies anymore because Mom needed to have less maintenances in the yard, but Mom still finds stems of that mutant rosie growing up here and there around the yard sometimes. She says she never heard of such a thing before we moved here! It’s some kind of wild rosie, she thinks. It’s almost as bad as blackberries! We hope you can figure out what to do with your mutant rosies!


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