A Low Key Fourth

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Happy Fourth of July!

We’ve had a busy week.  Last week I got sprayed by a skunk in my back yard…twice.

DSC_0010We think the skunk had babies behind my shed.  I don’t like it there & can’t help myself from trying to make it go away…it’s my yard!

Then two days ago on Tuesday, my mom person had some minor surgicals.  She’s doing well, but not feeling 100%. Don’t worry, she’ll be just fine, she just needs to rest.

Besides the skunking, I’ve been having a bad time too.  Where we live they have made big changes to the fireworks laws. That means every weekend & some weeknights there are loud fireworks. They scare me very much.

I have my Thundershirt & some medicines they give me, but my people don’t like giving them to me cause they make me kind of a zombie boy.

20130627_171818You can imagine this week has been really bad with the fireworks. Me & my mom person have spent lots of time snuggled up in the bed helping each other.

I even spent a little time letting Chloe sniff me & explaining to her that Mrs. Skunk made me smell this way.

DSC_0019Chloe & I don’t have many conversations, but I wanted to tell her that is she sees any skunks in the house, she should not try to be it’s friend.

The loss of our friend Thunder has been weighing heavy on our hearts. I know that all of Blogville shares our grief.

So for us friends, it’s a low key Fourth of July, but even with everything that’s going on my mom person has spent time telling me this week why we are so lucky to be Americans.


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  1. Oh no! We’re sorry you got skunkified, Oskar. We bet that bath helped, but we’re sure it was no fun.

    Purrs and prayers to your mom person for a speedy recovery.

    Happy Fourth. Sorry to hear about the firework laws there. We HATE the fireworks — especially the loud and illegal ones that were going off in our neighborhood tonight. 🙁

    Happy Independence Day, dear pals!
    meowmeowmans recently posted..Happy Independence Day!My Profile

  2. Oh I have been there buddy..with the skunks in my yard. Last year I got sprayed many times. UGH! I hope your mom rest up and gets to be all better. Make sure she rest. Keep snugglin together.
    Goose recently posted..Frozen FridayMy Profile

  3. we hope you smell better soon- and feel better too.
    We have been low key too- cause were sad about Thunder- but he is an angel now and I think he kept you safe.

  4. We are sorry about the skunky smells. We hope your mom feels better. We have had fireworks, but when Mommy turns the a/c on, it’s not so bad. Also, she tells me the neighbor across the street doesn’t do them any more and the fireworks are farther away, now.
    Quinn, Carol, and Catitude recently posted..It’s here!My Profile

  5. Gosh Mr. Oskar, I’m sorry Mrs. Skunk sprayed you with her stinky smell! We’re having lots of extra firewerks in our nayborhood too, there are lots of loud ones this year. I wish peoples would be more considerut of doggies’ and other pets’ and animals’ feelings when it comes to firewerks. We hope you and Miss Pam get lots of cozy rest-time together so she can get all better and you can relax through the firewerks!


    Jackie and Mom
    littlemissjackie recently posted..Hello Furiends!My Profile

  6. What a bummer about the skunk, Oskar! We’ve heard fireworks for days now and we know that we’ll still hear them for many more days. grrrrrrrrrrrr
    We hope your mom feels better soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. OMD buddy we are so sorry your mom had to have the surgicals… we hope that she feels better SOON.
    You got DOUBLE STUNKed by the SKUNK????

    Hey buddy guess what… WE got to MEET the Thunder Shirt guy..in the FURS at the PittsBurger PetExpo.

  8. We are so sorry thing you have had some sad things happening to you! And that mean ol’ skunk hit you twice?? Not fair at all! We hope you will smell better and your mom person will feel better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Oh noes Oskar!! Skunked TWICE??!! Oh dude, that’s not good at all!! I’ve never seen a skunk in the furs, butts I have sure smelled em’ around here!! Thanks for the tip…don’t try and make furends…how abouts eatin’ em? BOL
    Sorry abouts the boom booms in your hood. That is just terrible! They bug Ma more than me, butts I got to protect her, right? So I bark at the really loud booms, then that REALLY makes her happy….hehehe.
    Stay safe and calm Oskar.
    Ruby ♥
    Ruby recently posted..Happy Fourth of July!My Profile

  10. Oh Oskar, that is our Mom’s biggest fear – those skunks – can you just imagine trying to get that stink out of our deep thick coats???

    We are sorry to hear about your Mom. Please give her some extra kisses from us and tell her we all hope she is feeling better soon.

    Thank you again for everything for Thunder.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Poor buddy getting skunked. Mr. Fox got it twice and Scruffy once. Seems the terrier fur holds the smell more. That means more than one bath. Hope you are all feeling better and starting to smell better too!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

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