When Good News Is Really Bad News, Health Update

Hey it’s me Oskar!  All of your prayers & love have been amazing!

DSC_0004After just one dose of my Prednisone I am feeling 100%!  I still have to take it for 3 weeks.

For some strange reason this is actually bad news. It doesn’t make sense to me, but my mom person says that I am not supposed to be jumping on the furniture, roaching & rolling around in the grass when I go outside, or chasing dogs that walk by my house.

DSC_0006It’s not like she even has any proof that I’ve been roaching in the grass that was mowed yesterday.

My nice mean vet says since I can’t be calm I have to be crated for 2 weeks!

DSC_0010I haven’t been crated since I was a very wee pup.  My mom person tried it today & it took me 2 hours of screaming at her before she let me back out.

They tried taking me outside to do my business with my harness & leash on, but obviously if I have my leash & harness on that means we are going for a walk.  I just kept jumping up on my mom person waiting for the walk to start & we went nowhere except the back yard.  Oh, and apparently jumping up on people is also on the list of “things Oskar can not do for at least 2 weeks.”

If I’m not still I could blow out my back which would require some surgicals & rehab.

Now my mom person has a leaky face because the vet at Petmate says that I will have to be sedated & crated for at least 2 weeks.   I don’t know what sedated means, but it is making my mom person very unhappy, so I don’t think I will like it.

She has been having lots of talks with me about things being “for my own good” but not chasing off potential intruders,  not rolling & roaching in the grass & not being allowed out of my crate, do not seen like it is for MY good.  



I still don’t know why she thinks I have been roaching in the yard.

The good news is that even though I am overdue I do not have to go to the groomers for a few weeks, but I think I’d rather be groomed than be sedated & crated.

Thanks again for all of your love friends. We’ll update you when we can.





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  1. Oh man…we had to crate Chloe for 2 weeks after her abdominal surgery and she’s just like Oskar…does NOT do well in a crate!! She would bark, cry, scream, whine, scratch on the crate door, and bite the bars of the crate the entire time she was in there!

    The vet put her on like doggy Xanax and Phenobarbital to try to calm her down…ha, yeah right, that didn’t work at all! We just had to suffer through it for 2 weeks–but, at night, so everyone in the house could sleep, my mom would sleep on the couch with her. She had Chloe on a leash on the couch wound up very tightly so she could feel if she was up moving around and was about to jump off the couch.

    Sorry I don’t have any real words of advice for you! Riley has done two 8 week crate rest stints and was a perfect angel (she was crated as a puppy too, but hadn’t been crated in at least a year and half by the time of her first surgery), so it really does depend on the dog! 🙁

    Elyse (and Riley)
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  2. When Corbin’s issues first started, he was also on crate rest for 3 weeks. Due to his extreme high energy and his unwillingness to stay calm, we had to tranquilize him for 3 weeks. Our vet put him on Acepromazine, since that has the least amount of side effects and works very well. He was like a drunken sailer and we had to move the house and furniture around so it was easier for him to navigate. It was difficult to watch him wander drugged up, but I knew in the long run it was our only option for keeping him from further injuring or re-injuring himself. You can email the momma if you have any questions or want to know any more info on what I went through. I was also on the prednisone for 3 weeks at 20mg twice a day. Dr. Mike weened me off of it, but I’m on a daily dose of 5mg once a day to keep my ouchies far far away. Thinking of you, pal. Hope you get better real quick!

  3. Oh Oskar, I really feel for you, I THROUGH A FIT even before we get near a crate, My Dad says no matter what he will never put me in a crate. Hey tell Mo you need a 5 foot by 5 foot size, how about that! Please don’t do that stuff on the bad list, you get well, Shadow will keep her paws crossed for you, OK

    Susie & Bites & Shadow

  4. Oh Oskar!! We’re so happy you’re feeling better BUT 2 weeks in a crate??!! Sounds horrible! But, if it’ll make you better, you have to do it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy who still have crossed paws for you.

  5. Oskar Oskar OSKAR…. Two weeks is only 14 days and nights and THAT is not very long at all… compared to what you would have to do if you needed surgery. You gotta look at the bright side… you will be able to go outside in your yard…WITH YOUR MOM AND DAD to do your potty stuffs. THAT will be nice… as long as they don’t start taking pictures of you when you are doing it.
    Please tell your mom to dry her eyes and remember that we of BLOGVILLE will be here with YOU fur this. We have our paws crossed and are sending you POTP.

  6. Oskar, I can so relate! When I had my back problems, the mom had a hard time trying to keep me calm. I didn’t get crated, but she did her best to keep me from jumping high…which was hard to do. I’m a cat! I wanna jump! You hang in there…your mom is right…it is for your own good.

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  7. Awww buddy – Our hearts are breaking for you and your mom. She is so worried about you and wants to do the right thing for you. Actually, being sedated in a crate won’t be that bad if it’s for your own good. Look on it as a nappy vacation. Besides, they probably will lightly sedate you – just enough to make you a “mellow fellow.” he he
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  8. Well, good to know the meds help. Every pup here except Lightning is OK with a crate. He hates his. Mom says to stock up on kongs and fill them with yogurt or peanut butter and freeze them. Give him a frozen one to keep him busy. You can also do this with marrow bones if you have those. We hope time flies for you and for Oskar.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. This is such good news Oskar! We are glad you got a good result. Our other dog that was on prednisone was really thirsty so he had to pee a lot so tell your mom if you have to pee, OK? Now this is gonna be tougher for your mom than you to keep you quiet. Gie her a break and just kick back and enjoy being lazy, OK?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Thank the Lord!!!! There may be light at the end of a long tunnel….I will keep praying for you guys….hang in there…Oskar is a smart boy, and he will figure it out!!! He is a Super Schnauzer after all!!!!!

  11. Hi Oskar – Shiloh here. Now I know what u iz goin’thru – at leest the part’boutz the crate rest AN’I know ’boutz bak painz an’problemz – it ain’t no fun at all. I know it iz the medicine that iz really makin;u feel better BUTT if u don’t settle down an’follow the vet’z orderz DN;DUE what your mom sez then u WILL haf a relapse of that pain – bin there a few timez. Now I know it’z hard an’we doggiez due like tue live in the moment BUTT if u cood just calm down fer a few dayz – ok, a couple of weekz then it will all b worth it. B-sidez, if u end up havin’tue haf surgery – then it wood take more then just a couple of weekz AN’make your mom furry much worried.

    Now u go due your part tue git better an’we will send prayerz an’keep our pawz crossed that u will git better fast AN’u will behave – PLEEZE??????
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  12. Oskar,, you must be a good boy. Maybe you can go for a nice dream in a hot air balloon,, and count the clouds.
    I am still crossing my paws for you,

  13. Now Oskar, picking grooming over anything is pretty drastic! But I guess if it means no walks or snarfles in the grass, it might be worth it. Good luck and feel better!
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  14. Oskar, I am so glad you are better. I understand completely about the crate thing, but you have to keep getting better. Maybe if you had a little tv and some popcorn in there, it might be better. I am still crossing paws for you.

    Loveys Sasha
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  15. We see NO evidence of having fun outside. When my Lily had her back surgery, mom put pillows, beds etc and bones and gated her in a very small space. Much better than the crate
    Benny & Lily

  16. So sorry for you Oskar being stuck in the crate. Maybe your Mum will find some games or treats to keep you happy while you’re there. Stuffed Kongs are good to chew on and lick to get the goodies out and there are Nina Ottosson games for dogs are fun too. Take care and be strong – 2 weeks will go by soon – woofs and licks from Magic xx

  17. Oh, sweet Oskar we are so sorry to hear that you have to be sedated and crated. We are sending up prayers that the next 2 weeks pass by quickly for you and you will be all healed and good as new. Hang in there sweet boy you will soon be able to get out and get back to life as you like it. Leaving you lots of love, hugs and nose kisses

  18. I’m not sure whether I am sorrier for Oskar or you, his mom! Can you just partition off a small area for him to stay in instead of using the crate? Maybe he’ll tolerate that better.

    Oskar, you have to stay really calm and still so you don’t injure yourself worse. Please buddy, it is for your own good. Licks from Blueberry. 🙂
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  19. You’re lucky Oskar your human mom is taking care of you. From where I come from, we just leave it to fate… and our backyard has always enough room if ever a pet goes to heaven…. Hang in there buddy!

  20. Oh, Oskar. That really is some good news that is bad news, pal. It really is for your good, even though we know that crating is something you do not like at all. Please try real hard to be calm and less active, and know that we love you and your Mom Person, and that we are purring and praying that you’ll get through the next two weeks…

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  21. Well, I am really glad that the prednisone helped! That’s awesome. I’m so sorry you will have to be sedated and crated. I know how tough it is to keep an active dog still.

    Bet it flies by though, and hopefully you will be feeling better at the end of those two weeks.
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  22. Oh, Oskar, your mom person shouldn’t have leaky eyes at the thought of you being sedated and crated. She should save them up for when you get really cranky about it, in about a week.

    Sasha just had a (benign) tumour removed from her tail, and she wasn’t allowed off-leash for two weeks while she had stitches. She got really ratty and barked at *everything*! And Trixie wasn’t allowed to laugh at the shaved bit on her tail that made her look like a poodle.

    Sasha just got her stitches out this morning, and we spent 2hrs off-leash in the dog park – our human said something about wanting to exhaust us so she could have some peace.

    The good part is, after half way you can start counting down how many sleeps until you’re free, then it goes really quickly!

    Our human said something about your mom person hardening her heart to get through it, but don’t listen, don’t listen!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie
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  23. Oskar – you have so many good friends and lots of advice for you and mom from them. I’m sure it will SUCK but on some good meds you will get through it. I’ve never been crated so my mum is worried should I ever need this kind of calmness.

    You be good or you will get stucks at the v-e-t-s and you don’t want that.

    You will need a bell to ring whenever you want “crate service” though. Maybe a buzzer. See what you can rig up buddy!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  24. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that Oskar is having to stay put too! Joker just came home today (thank goodness it all ended well), and he has to be on crate rest too for about two weeks. I hope this period pass quickly for our dog’s sake, it isn’t going to be fun for them at all. Hugs, Francesca
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