More Sickies For Me

Hello friends,

I’m sorry we have still been off the radar.  Just when I got my back feeling better, now I’m having troubles with vomiting.



My energy is low too.  They think I might have pancreatitis.  I guess that in addition to being excessively handsome, miniature schnauzers are predisposed to pancreatitis.

20130912_165953I’m taking medicine & eating special food.  I’m waiting to see my very own vet Dr. on Saturday.  I saw a different vet at the same practice, but he didn’t do the blood work necessary to determine if I do actually have pancreatitis.

So, once again, we’ll probably be out of touch even more.  We’ll update you all when we get any new information.



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  1. OH NO… OSKAR this is sad and scary. We will cross our paws fur you and send you some strong VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    Rest and think FEEL GOOD thoughts.

  2. OH NOES!! Oh Oskar, this is terrible news! I’m so sorry you have the sickies again, i will send you TONS of POTP!! I hopes that the vetties can figure out what it is. It’s strange that they didn’t steal any of your bloods to do the tests…
    Ruby ♥
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