My Boy Jack

Here’s a picture of me and my boy Jack at Christmas.

DSC_0017Then he went and got all of his hairs cut off.

IMG_9093Isn’t he very handsome?

It made my mom person a little sad, because she says now he looks more like a man than a boy, but he is 18.

He’s having a fun time finishing up his Senior year of high school, but now my mom person is scared and worried because yesterday a student brought a loaded gun to the school.

This boy was mad at some other students and luckily someone told the police officer at the school that he might be looking for revenge. They found a knife on the boy and a loaded gun in his car.

Sometimes people make me sad, I wish they would all stop being so mean to each other all the time. Give your people an extra hug today.


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  1. WE think your boy Jack looks super duper with his new furs cut.

    Sad that kidlets are so MEAN and Vicious to each other though. We don’t know WHAT has gotten into their silly heads. GLAD that Nobuddy was hurt. SCHOOL should be a FUN and SAFE Place.

  2. We think your boy Jack is very handsome. Bet the girls at school think so, too.

    So sad about young men who think violence is the way to solve a problem. Glad he wasn’t able to act, thus ruining many lives including his own.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

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