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All Right, I Give In!

Yesterday it stopped raining here in Michigan and got hot!  Oskar’s with long hair do poorly in the hot.

I’m also tired of being told I’m smelly, messy & that I look like a “ragamuffin” whatever the dog that is.

I’ll go for my grooming tomorrow, like a manly dog…

But that doesn’t mean that I have to look at her!

Stay tuned, she’ll be talking about the Iams/Eukanuba Research & Development Center in our next post.


Behind The Paw, or Why I’m Not Cooperating!

This is an example of the mom person who shall remain nameless trying to take a picture of me.

She is going to the Proctor & Gamble Behind The Paw Summit in a little over a week.

She is going to an Iams & Eukanuba manufacturing plant, pet health & nutrition center & get to meet with Iams & Eukanuba brand teams.

She is going without me!  I’m not invited, she tells me, people only, she tells me.  You know there must be a magical room filled with all kinds of dog treats & goodies that I’m not going to get to see!

She also still has a broken ankle and still can’t take me for walks.  She’s not getting a good picture from me for a long time!

**Oskar’s mom person, Pam, here.  I am supposed to ask you if you have any pet food related questions that you would like me to ask when I go to the conference.  Just leave them in the comments & I’ll make sure to get them answered I can.  Are any other readers going?  I’m excited about meeting Jen from My Brown Newfies when I get there!