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BlogPaws Wrap Up In Pictures

You may know that my mom person went to BlogPaws last week in Salt Lake City.  I thought I would show you the events through pictures.  There’s so many that this will be in 2 posts, today & tomorrow.

My mom person went to Salt Lake City a day early so that she could see the beautiful grounds and buildings of Temple Square.

The first thing she noticed when she got to her hotel is the amazing view of the mountains from her little balcony.

In Michigan and the surrounding states we don’t have mountains, so she spent a lot of time everyday out on the balcony staring at “her mountains.”

It was a nice, breezy day so she walked the 5+ blocks to Temple Square, the heart of the Mormon church.  Temple Square has the amazing Salt Lake Temple and stunning ground with every square inched landscaped beautifully.

This is the majestic Salt Lake Temple.  They don’t hold church services here, but have lots of weddings.

Visitors are not allowed to tour this building, leaving it awesome and mysterious.

Here’s some of the flowers around the grounds.

This building is called Assembly Hall and they do hold services here.

The inside does not match the outside on the beauty scale.

On her way back to the hotel from Temple Square my mom person got adventurous and decided to eat at an Asian food truck.  Food trucks are another thing we don’t have in this area, and Asian fusion food is not something my mom normally eats.

My mom person ate a pineapple-ginger pork taco.  It was delicious except for one thing, it was filled with cilantro…my mom person hates cilantro.  She was a little disappointed, but she was still happy that she ventured out of her comfort zone and tried something new.

When she got back to her hotel, things started getting revved up for BlogPaws.  Here’s Dexter from Fidose of Reality.  His mom person is Carol Bryant, but you can tell that my mom person was focused on Dexter.

This is Norman the Scooter Dog.  He put on a show along with Tillman of Tillman Skates.

She also met some pawsome blogging friends in the fur, like Pumpkin Puddy.

Now we’ll see some more of what was going on with Flat Oskar.

Here he his with the mountains as his background.

At the outdoor cafe,

with a Paul Frank pillow that my mom person wanted to steal from the Catification Lounge,

And showing his manly self awareness, by posing with this cozy pink kitty bed.  My mom person wanted to steal this too, for my kitty sisters.

After Flat Oskar checked out the swag bags stacked in the basement and ready to go, he got to sit with the actual swag bag that my mom person got to bring home.

Whew, all that action & BlogPaws haven’t even started yet.  Come back tomorrow for more highlights from you-know-who’s trip.

Sarge’s Give Us The Bird

Sarge, Blogville’s Chief of Police, is having a Give Us The Bird Week & we wanted to share a  couple of differet birds that are here today. 

Here is a bird who has seen better days, getting ready to be made in delicious stock & soup.

But my new FAVORITE bird came today, my Hartz Angry Birds Plush Ball.  A nice lady from Hartz offered to send us some Angry Bird toys to review & giveaway on Pet Blogs United, and this yellow bird rocks!  They even sent some kitty toys, so we’ll let you know what we think.

I wanna thank Sarge for hosting this great event, stop on over & check it out!


New Residents Of Blogville

Today I’d like to introduce some of my new friends to the rest of Blogville.

Molly is a bunny & her person Kelly has just started writing about their adventures on the blog Confessions of a Daydreamer.

Dachshund Nola is a lot of fun to read about!

And of course we have to welcome the newsest black miniature schnauzer puppy to Blogville.  You can meet him at …Along Came Rupert.

Go pay these new friends a visit & give them a big Blogville welcome!


Fun Blog Party Coming Up!

Our friends Ronnii, Uji, & Izzy are hosting a great blog party on 11/26 & 11/27.  It’s for all of us who have been around Blogville for awhile to get to know those newbies like Frankie’s puppy Ernie.

We want to give a warm welcome to the new residents of Blogville, so if you’re interested in participating, new or old, check out their post.

You can even send them a picture of you in your finest party gear.  Here’s an outtake from my photo shoot.

I have on my best tie, but it’s a little lopsided as you can see.

Ronnii, Uji, & Izzy are working hard on the party preparations, so mark it on your calender.

I also wanted to let you know that we’re having another great giveaway on Pet Blogs United, so check it out 🙂