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Chloe & Her Nip Pillow

Moe doesn’t really like catnip, but Chloe loves it!  She even uses her nip tea bag for a pillow, see:

You can see Moe is happy on her bed.  That bed is supposed to be mine by the way.  I will be taking it back come springtime to use for my camping bed!

Hmm, I wonder if I barked right now, what would happen…



My mom person says she doesn’t have anything to say (her brain is often empty).

Who cares?  What about me, I’ve got plenty to say.  Since she’s the typist I’m at her mercy.  So now, what does she do, just to tick me off?  This!

Moe & Chloe

Apparently if my attitude doesn’t improve, the cats will get more blog time.  I hate it when she plays the “I’m the boss here” card!


The Kitty Nest

Since the kitties Chloe & Moe loved sleeping in front of my personal space heater on the Christmas tree skirt, my mom person made them a nest from my old crate mat and a fuzzy Harry Potter blanket.

At first they weren’t so sure about it…

But now it’s a fight to see who gets there first, Chloe…

Or Moe.

I sleep on the other side of my personal space heater, right next to my mom person when I’m not snuggled up on the Christmas quilt.  I won’t let them put that away till spring!


Oh Moe!

Moe is a cat who lives here with me.  We also have a cat named Chloe.  Moe snores like a trucker when she sleeps, even though she is a little thing.

She also sleeps on her face.  See?

I don’t know why she sleeps on her face, but at least it muffles the snoring a little bit.

I would also like to say that those shred marks in the arm of the couch were not made by anyone of the canine persuasion!

Dear Kitties,

Dear all of the kitties in the world,

It’s me Oskar.

My new friend Mariodacat from Mario’s Meowsings saw a comment I left and thinks I might not like kitties.  Well I do.  Many of my very best friends are kitties.  I only don’t like 2 kitties.

Those are the 2 kitties that live here, Chloe & Moe.  They eat my food, they rub their heads on my stuff, and sometimes…when I walk past them…they smack me in the woozle for no reason!  (In case all of the kitties in the world don’t know “woozle” is the technical term for my nose & beard.)

Friends like Bruce & Luna will tell you that I’m a great friend to cats.  Just not ones that hit me in the woozle…or the big jungle kind that can eat me…but I don’t think the jungle kinds have computers, so I guess we’re all set.

Have a good night all of the kitties in the world,


Securing The Perimeter

Now all of us dogs know that site protection is one of our most important duties.  Once we almost had a Taco Bell bag breach the perimeter!  Guess who saved the day then, huh?

This is what my mom person sees most of the day.

Sometimes it’s important to change positions.  Security detail is not for the weak.

I hope the cats are doing their part & patrolling the interior.

Chloe “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
Moe “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

*SIGH*  A schnauzer’s work is never done!