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Leave A Comment To Help Benny

mbThat’s my friend Benny with his mom person.  I really shouldn’t say my friend, because I know he is everybody’s friend.

If you don’t know, Benny is fighting a brave & brutal battle with the horrible cancer.  His vet bills are very high, so to help out my mom person said that instead of buying me birthday presents last month we could hold a comment-a-thon.

We will donate .50 cents for each comment from midnight Saturday AM until Midnight Sunday AM.  Please tell your friends to stop by & comment for Benny.

Also stop by Two French Bulldogs, to give them your support if you haven’t already done so!  Ready, set, comment!


Comment-A-Thon For Benny

Hi guys,

Tell all your friends, tomorrow I will be holding a comment-a-thon for our friend Benny tomorrow.

The news right now is not very good, he is in the hospital after throwing up all night.  It’s very scary, so please pray for him & come back tomorrow to leave a comment!

A Low Key Fourth

Made In America image

Happy Fourth of July!

We’ve had a busy week.  Last week I got sprayed by a skunk in my back yard…twice.

DSC_0010We think the skunk had babies behind my shed.  I don’t like it there & can’t help myself from trying to make it go away…it’s my yard!

Then two days ago on Tuesday, my mom person had some minor surgicals.  She’s doing well, but not feeling 100%. Don’t worry, she’ll be just fine, she just needs to rest.

Besides the skunking, I’ve been having a bad time too.  Where we live they have made big changes to the fireworks laws. That means every weekend & some weeknights there are loud fireworks. They scare me very much.

I have my Thundershirt & some medicines they give me, but my people don’t like giving them to me cause they make me kind of a zombie boy.

20130627_171818You can imagine this week has been really bad with the fireworks. Me & my mom person have spent lots of time snuggled up in the bed helping each other.

I even spent a little time letting Chloe sniff me & explaining to her that Mrs. Skunk made me smell this way.

DSC_0019Chloe & I don’t have many conversations, but I wanted to tell her that is she sees any skunks in the house, she should not try to be it’s friend.

The loss of our friend Thunder has been weighing heavy on our hearts. I know that all of Blogville shares our grief.

So for us friends, it’s a low key Fourth of July, but even with everything that’s going on my mom person has spent time telling me this week why we are so lucky to be Americans.

Birthday Woos Blues

ThunderJust as we are reeling from the news about Benny, comes another wave of sadness for our beloved Thunder.  There are so many questions “why” right now, things just don’t seem to make sense.

Our internet is out at home.  We’ve had bad storms here in Michigan & our township flooded in one day.  We are all fine, our house is not in danger of flooding.  My mom person has been here most of her life & never remembers that happening before.  We’re not in an area that usually floods.  It’s supposed to keep storming until Tuesday, so who knows when we’ll have a regular internet connection & electricity that doesn’t keep going out.

I turned 8 yesterday (Friday), but I don’t feel like celebrating right now.  Once things get back to normal my mom person says I can have a comment-a-thon instead of getting presents with the proceeds going to Benny & to be split with Thunder’s family if they need help.

Keep your eye’s peeled so I can get tons of comments to help our friends. I’m holding out my paw to all of Blogville so we can hold hands & pray for our friends & their families.

Fight Like A Frenchie Benny!

I heard the news the other day that my pawsome friend Benny had cancer.

Oskar1I was so  mad I started shaking!


I’ve got one thing to say to you cancer…

Benny1Benny’s treatment is going to be expensive.  Please consider donating to help defray the costs of his treatment.

We love you Benny!  And Andrea & Lily too!

Meet Coco & Chanel & Enter Their Contest!

and then, she {JollyPawPrints}
Hi guys,

Meet my new friends, Coco & Chanel.

Coco and Chanel

They’re a brand new blog & are very creative, creating some really cool products.  They’re having a pet photography contest on their bloggie.

Hop on over to Jolly Paw Prints to enter to win.  Tell ’em Oskar sent ya!

If you haven’t already done so, will you please take our survey?

Can I Get Your Input?


Can I ask you to help me out?  No I don’t need help getting the leaf off of my face, my mom person already took care of that.  I really want to get your input on your feelings about The Daily Oskar.

I want to know what you want.  To that end my mom person has compiled a brief survey to find out more about you.

It’s real short, 10 questions, so it will only take a second.

We recently ran a survey like this on Pet blogs United, and that provided my mom person & I with so much great feedback that we want to do the same thing for my blog.  So if you wouldn’t mind filling out this survey, even if you already did the on on PBU, it would be pawsome!

If you would click over to our survey and give us your feedback I’ll send you tons of nubbin wiggles and schnauzer snuggles! Thanks so much for your help!

Pet Blogs United Is Down Again, What’s Up With Our Roses & A Blue Update

Okay, so the squirrels have gotten to Pet Blogs United again…we can’t access through Blogger.  AGAIN!

Please be patient with us.  Hopefully we will be able to move PBU to WordPress soon.

Now for our question of the day.

When my peeps bought this house 18 years ago, they planted peach colored roses in front.  This one is sad, but they were all this color.

DSC_0009But most of the roses are now scarlet.


DSC_0012Does anyone know why they would change colors after 18 years?

In good news, the new Blue’s my mom person ordered from Walmart online are available to be picked up at the store today!  Something about a pulled muscle & something called a muscle relaxer are keeping her from getting them for me today though.