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Meet Elvis Iams Senior Plus Honorable Mention Winner

My good friends at Iams are celebrating their new Iams Senior Plus diets with a contest

Here is the story of Elvis, who has earned the “Honorable Mention” title in the contest because he’s a dog that refuses to act his age.

“Elvis is a Vizsla, a breed that needs a lot of exercise. For many years he was my husband’s mountain bike riding companion and now he is my hiking companion. Even though he is now gray in the face, people still remark about how he acts like a puppy – running ahead on the trail, getting excited when meeting new dogs, and spontaneously jumping into a stream to get a stick. He is a true part of our family and a joy to be around.”

And in case you’re interested, each week, the team at Iams will select one dog and one cat 11 years of age or older (9 years of age or older if your dog is a large breed) that refuses to act their age. Just submit a current picture of your cat or dog and tell us how or why they refuse to act their age.  


Doggie Sudz Giveaway On Pet Blogs United


I know that baths are no one’s favorite subject, but if you have to take one Caroline’s Doggie Sudz is a great shampoo to use. 

We’re giving away 2 bottles each to 10 different people on Pet Blogs United so click here to enter!  All you have to do is leave a comment.

Each winner will receive one bottle of Lavender & Neem & one bottle of Mango & Neem Doggie Sudz.  No Mango’s were hurt in the process of making this shampoo, but it may make you feel relentlessly huge!


Sleep Number True Silver Blanket Review & Giveaway on PBU

Hi guys,

I wanted to make sure all of my US based friends got in on the opportunity to win one of these fantastic True Silver blankets. 

They reduce pet fur & dander so hop over to Pet Blogs United to enter!

Thanks for all of your well-wishes for my mom person.  They always mean so much to her.  We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again, pet bloggers are the nicest people we know!


Great Giveaway At Pet Blogs United

It’s hot here.  Too hot, but I wanted to make sure that I interrupted my energy saving measures to tell you abou the really great contest going on over at Pet Blogs United, my other blog.

It a great prize pack with 2 really nice toys from Premier Pet Products along with some treats to go in the toys.  It’s a Tug-a-Jug & really cool Squirrel Dude.  These are dog toys, but there are cats entering to donate the prizes.  The contest is only open in the Continental US, but I wanted to make sure all of my friends get the chance to enter if they want.

Now I’m back to my nap energy saving.

Click here to check out the contest & stay cool my friends.


Mimi’s Oskar Diamond Magic

Reilly is having a naming contest over at his blog, so I thought I’d tell you my real name & how I got it.

That wee little tot was named, Mimi’s Oskar Diamond Magic on his AKC papers. 

Once they had picked out my breed, German like my dad person, they decided they wanted a German name and settled on Oskar.

The way my mom person was able to get me is that she won some front-row center Neil Diamond tickets on a radio station named Magic.  She sold the tickets & picked little old me!  So Mimi is my mom’s nickname, Oskar is my name, Diamond for Neil, and Magic for the radio station that gave her the tickets.  That’s how I got all of those other names for the AKC.

Now hop on over to Cowspot Dog to play along yourself.



It’s getting frigid here in Michigan & the kitties have been hogging my personal space heater.


Well I found something better!

It’s called a heaty pad!

Ooh baby, this rocks!

What do you mean you got this out for you to use?  It’s mine now!

(My mom person says not to worry, she only let me lay on it when it was on it’s lowest setting so I wouldn’t get burned!)

Don’t forget about our week of giveaways over at Pet Blogs United.  Today you could win 2 kitty collars & 2 reversible holiday dog bandanas!