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Monday Mischief Blog Hop

I am participating in the Monday Mischief blog hop today, because I thought I should fess up to another incident.

A couple of years ago my good buddies JD & Max sent me a really cool advent calender that gets filled with cookies.  (JD & Max aren’t blogging much these days, but you can catch up with them on Facebook.)

Here’s a shot of where the advent calender was hanging.

Now as any smart doggie would do, I sort of took advantage of the situation climbed up the couch and um, helped myself to a few of the lower hanging cookies.

My peeps don’t really blame me too much for this one, but like yesterday, I’m a little worried about Santa Paws.  I’m hoping that my confessions will keep me on the nice list.

Since my transgression, the calender has been moved to a location that I can’t get to.  It’s actually a big relief not to have that temptation hanging over my head anymore.

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