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PAWS Is The #NipClub Charity Today!

If you’re on Twitter you may be familiar with #NipClub.  Today our friends at the PAWS Animal Shelter in Connecticut is the recipient of the #NipClub fund raiser.  PAWS is the shelter where our friend Kevin, MeowMeowMans, from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life works with his wife Tracey.

If you’re on Twitter please check out the hashtag #NipClub to see how you can contribute.

When Kevin & Tracey lost their beloved cat Sammy last month we made a donation in Sammy’s name to PAWS and that donation was used to sponsor this handsome boy, Patch.

Patch (3)

My mom person was lucky enough to meet Kevin & Tracey at BlogPaws this year & they were every bit as wonderful in person as they have always been as our online friends.

2013-05-18 17.56.23


Please consider making a donation to PAWS today.  If you’re not on Twitter you can still donate with the link here on the NipClub homepage.  Use the green donate button in the sidebar.

Thank you NipClub for featuring our favorite shelter!

Run Free Sammy

Sammy, ASVLOskar’s mom person here.  Unfortunately it seems like every day we get the sad news that another pet has crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

Yesterday Kevin (MeowMeowMans of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life) & his wife Tracey had to make the agonizing decision to let their beloved cat Sammy go.

Kevin & Tracey are long time volunteers at PAWS Animal Welfare Society, and have devoted countless hours to loving abandoned and alone cats and working to find them homes.

Just like all folks who have to let their pets go, Kevin & Tracey are in need of our support, so if you could drop by & offer you condolences I know they would appreciate it.