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Mother Nature Is Not Very Nice, But The UPS Man Is

Yesterday here in Waterford it was 81 degrees.  Today it is 43, yes you read that right 43 degrees!  Almost a 40 degree difference in 24 hours.

This is my patented “not amused” face.

DSC_0053I do admit that for most of the day, I let my bad mood take hold & then this happened!

DSC_0012Oh my dog it’s here!  The fabled BlogPaws swag box.

DSC_0014I gotta go, my mom person says we can open the box now!  Stay tuned.

Guess Who’s Leaving Me Behind To Go To #BlogPaws?

Someone named Mr. FTC wants me to make sure that I tell you that Iams is paying for my mom person to go to BlogPaws and also that they provide me & the kitties who live here with Iams food. We are proud Iams bloggers!

I'm going to BlogPaws AGAIN badge

Yep, once again my mom person is going to BlogPaws & once again I’m not going with her.  Something about my lack of manners.  A weak excuse if I’ve ever heard one.

BlogPaws 2012

You know who does get to go?  Flat Oskar, a poor stand in for the real thing I say.  Flat Oskar is cool & was made with love by our good buddy Bev at Iams (@BeVaZa), but he just can’t give the public the true picture of my excessive handsomeness.

Iams is my mom persons sponsor for the event & who better to tell folks about how great Iams food is than me, the one who actually eats it?  I’ve never seen her eat any of my Iams Prime Naturals dog food!

And another thing, we would’t have a great sponsor like Iams if they hadn’t noticed this blog, The Daily Oskar back in 2011.  They didn’t contact her about a blog called The Daily Mom Person. Just sayin…

Do you get to go to BlogPaws?