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Getting Ready For The Olympic Games

Sorry we’ve been missing here & not commenting on anyone’s blog’s.  We’re terribly out of touch with what’s going on in Blogville.  My mom person has been having some sickies again and everything kind of ground to a halt.

I’ve rallied her round, though as the Olympics are about to start.  Here I am in my official Iams Olympic scarf.

(The photo did have to be cropped though, cause I didn’t know it wasn’t proper to show your winkle why wearing important Olympic garments!)

I want to personally thank Iams for our wonderful Olympic scarves.  I’m an Iams dog and proud of it!

We had great entries for our Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleeping events, so make sure to check back on Sunday to see some great sleeping athletes!

Blogville Pitty Post Day

My good friend Corbin, who is one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever want to meet, is having a Blogville Pitty Post Day, to celebrate his heritage & his birthday.  He couldn’t wait for Pit Bull Awareness day in October!

The stupid people where I live say that pit bulls are illegal, but if you knew Corbin, even just through the computer like me, you would never ban such an amazing dog.

He has a post about being a pit bull that I would love for you to read.  You Call Me A Pit Bull Like It’s A Bad Thing is such a great representation of who Corbin is.

For all of the information about Pittie Post Day click here.  I hope to see all all on Monday!