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When Good News Is Really Bad News, Health Update

Hey it’s me Oskar!  All of your prayers & love have been amazing!

DSC_0004After just one dose of my Prednisone I am feeling 100%!  I still have to take it for 3 weeks.

For some strange reason this is actually bad news. It doesn’t make sense to me, but my mom person says that I am not supposed to be jumping on the furniture, roaching & rolling around in the grass when I go outside, or chasing dogs that walk by my house.

DSC_0006It’s not like she even has any proof that I’ve been roaching in the grass that was mowed yesterday.

My nice mean vet says since I can’t be calm I have to be crated for 2 weeks!

DSC_0010I haven’t been crated since I was a very wee pup.  My mom person tried it today & it took me 2 hours of screaming at her before she let me back out.

They tried taking me outside to do my business with my harness & leash on, but obviously if I have my leash & harness on that means we are going for a walk.  I just kept jumping up on my mom person waiting for the walk to start & we went nowhere except the back yard.  Oh, and apparently jumping up on people is also on the list of “things Oskar can not do for at least 2 weeks.”

If I’m not still I could blow out my back which would require some surgicals & rehab.

Now my mom person has a leaky face because the vet at Petmate says that I will have to be sedated & crated for at least 2 weeks.   I don’t know what sedated means, but it is making my mom person very unhappy, so I don’t think I will like it.

She has been having lots of talks with me about things being “for my own good” but not chasing off potential intruders,  not rolling & roaching in the grass & not being allowed out of my crate, do not seen like it is for MY good.  



I still don’t know why she thinks I have been roaching in the yard.

The good news is that even though I am overdue I do not have to go to the groomers for a few weeks, but I think I’d rather be groomed than be sedated & crated.

Thanks again for all of your love friends. We’ll update you when we can.