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Shakeables Review and Giveaway!


I’m sad my grass is now covered in snow.

I have been enjoying Shakeables treats for a few months and if you live in the USA, now is your chance to win your own can!  Iams has provided a coupon for one lucky reader.

DSC_0011The Shakeables container makes a cool noise when it gets shaken.  It’s a built in treat-notification-system!  When I hear it, I take off towards the kitchen to see which flavor I get to have this time.  They have Clucky Me Chicken, Gobble ’em Up Turkey and Un-baa-lievable Lamb flavors.

Chloe & Moe have asked me to speak to my contacts at Iams because they also come running when my mom person shakes the Shakeables can and they don’t make Shakeables cat treats.  Since we have worked with Iams for years, I assured them that I have tremendous influence with the company so I’ll see what I can do about that 😉

Oskar Shakeables on Make A Gif

Don’t mind if I do.

You may remember that I had a yucky bout of pancreatitis this summer; Iams Shakeables are one of only two vet approved treats I’m allowed to eat now on my restricted diet.  (The other approved treats are the Iams biscuits.)

2013-12-14 20.25.35Each flavor has a different shape and Dr. Amy Dicke of Iams said that they can be cut them in half or even quarters for training or more frequent treating.  That’s easy to do because they’re nice and soft.

DSC_0003Would you like to try Iams Shakeables for yourself?  Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which flavor, or color, or shape looks like the most fun to you.  The contest will close on Tuesday 12/17/13 at midnight EST. The winner will be selected by random draw or some more clever method if my mom person has time to come up with one, BOL!

*I’m sorry but this is a USA contest only.  Iams has been a long time sponsor of our and provided coupons for Shakeables for this promotion.  All of the comments about how cool they are are my personalized Oskar opinion.

A bunch of our blogging friends tried Shakeables thanks to Iams too.  You can see a list of their Shakeables posts and learn about the #ShakeItForward program on Pet Blogs United.

Guess Who’s Leaving Me Behind To Go To #BlogPaws?

Someone named Mr. FTC wants me to make sure that I tell you that Iams is paying for my mom person to go to BlogPaws and also that they provide me & the kitties who live here with Iams food. We are proud Iams bloggers!

I'm going to BlogPaws AGAIN badge

Yep, once again my mom person is going to BlogPaws & once again I’m not going with her.  Something about my lack of manners.  A weak excuse if I’ve ever heard one.

BlogPaws 2012

You know who does get to go?  Flat Oskar, a poor stand in for the real thing I say.  Flat Oskar is cool & was made with love by our good buddy Bev at Iams (@BeVaZa), but he just can’t give the public the true picture of my excessive handsomeness.

Iams is my mom persons sponsor for the event & who better to tell folks about how great Iams food is than me, the one who actually eats it?  I’ve never seen her eat any of my Iams Prime Naturals dog food!

And another thing, we would’t have a great sponsor like Iams if they hadn’t noticed this blog, The Daily Oskar back in 2011.  They didn’t contact her about a blog called The Daily Mom Person. Just sayin…

Do you get to go to BlogPaws?

Meet Pawl Griffin V.P. Of Canine Communications For Iams

Someone named Mr. FTC says I have to tell you at the beginning of my post that Iams provides free food for me & the kitties who live with me. We’re proud Iams bloggers!
image001 (1)

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to my friend Griffin.
Pawl Griffin

Griffin is the V.P. of Canine Communications for Iams, Eukanuba and Natura Pet Food brands. His full name is Pawl Griffin; however, his call name is “Griffin.” Fans actually named him via Facebook.

Griffin is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) and was born on December 31, 2010. His breed name reveals much about him:

Petit – small
Basset – low to the ground
Griffon – wire coated
Vendéen – the area of France where the breed originated.

A PBGV is a French scenthound that was originally developed to hunt small game over rough and difficult terrain. The color of Griffin’s coat is white with a combination of tan, sable and black markings. For additional information about PBGV’s please visit the AKC Breed Standard.

Pawl non branded

Griffin is happy go lucky, extroverted, and smart. He is free with his voice, curious by nature and eager to please. He is never timid nor aggressive. He thrives when he is the center of attention. He is excited about life and trying new things.

Here’s Griffin helping out with a delivery donation of food to the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry in March.

cincy 1photo

Griffin got on a surf board in September–his first time surfing! This took place in San Diego and was part of an annual fund raiser for Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Pawl Surf

How cool is that?  A surfer dude!

This photo was taken when Griffin took a trip to Boston in July of 2012. His stops included a P&G donation of books for Operation Outreach-USA.  Looks like he made those kids pretty happy doesn’t it?

Pawl Kids

My mom person got to meet Griffin when she went to the AKC Eukanuba National Championship.  (That’s not her with him on the podium.)

Pawl PodiumHe’s done an awful lot for being such a young dog hasn’t he?

Stay tuned, I’ll be interviewing Griffin soon to learn more about his cool job!

Vote For Your Favorite Iams Ad & Enter To Win An Iams Gift Basket


How do you welcome your people home? The unconditional love we give our people is obvious with just one glance.

Iams knows that us pets play a very important role in our people’s lives; we’re truly part of the family AND because of that, Iams is asking YOU to choose the stories that speak to you the most!

There are 5 new TV ads that are all featured on the Iams Facebook page and are inspired by real stories of unconditional love.

Here’s where you come in.  Vote for your favorite new Iams ad on their Facebook page through November 29th.  I know that’s tomorrow  so jump on this quickly.  The winning ads will begin running on national TV in early December.

I have an Iams gift basket to give away to one lucky reader.  To enter leave a comment on this post telling me how you greet your people when they come home.  I howl my brains out when my people come home because I’m just so excited to see them, even if they’ve only been gone a little while.

Tell me what you do to greet your people by midnight EST on 11/29 to be eligible to win an Iams gift basket filled with goodies customized for either a cat or dog.  One comment will be selected at random to win.

Open to US residents only.

Dr. Raasch Answers Your Nutrition Questions

In September I offered you all the opportunity to ask Iams Dr. Raasch nutrition questions.  Here are her answers.

Murry & Stanley, your question got left off of the video, but here’s the answer she provided:

Murphy & Stanley ask:

What are the top 3 ingredients to select and avoid in a dog food?

Hi Murphy and Stanley, happy to help answer this question for you!

· Look for a protein source, such as chicken or fish, as a primary ingredient.

· As part of our nutritional philosophy, we use animal-based proteins and no fillers in our food.

· We believe animal-based protein source are important because it supplies amino acids that build hair, skin, nails, muscles, etc. and these proteins are easier to digest

· We also don’t add glutens to any of our Iams ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals & Premium Protection products.

Here are the answers to the rest of the questions you asked.  If you can’t view the video you can see it on YouTube.

I want to thank Dr. Raasch & especially our sponsor Iams for this opportunity!

Getting Ready For The Olympic Games

Sorry we’ve been missing here & not commenting on anyone’s blog’s.  We’re terribly out of touch with what’s going on in Blogville.  My mom person has been having some sickies again and everything kind of ground to a halt.

I’ve rallied her round, though as the Olympics are about to start.  Here I am in my official Iams Olympic scarf.

(The photo did have to be cropped though, cause I didn’t know it wasn’t proper to show your winkle why wearing important Olympic garments!)

I want to personally thank Iams for our wonderful Olympic scarves.  I’m an Iams dog and proud of it!

We had great entries for our Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleeping events, so make sure to check back on Sunday to see some great sleeping athletes!

BlogPaws Wrap Up In Pictures Part 2

When we left off of the first part of our wrap up, my mom person & Flat Oskar had explored the city and nosed around the hotel, but BlogPaws hadn’t really started yet.  When she saw these signs, she knew that both craziness and learning was about to ensue.

All though F.O. did wonder why it didn’t say great, small & flat!

In the lobby F.O. did get to meet one of our great Twitter friends, @PepperPom.  She also has a blog called Peppers Paws.

Pepper is a service dog who helps her person.  She always has a smile on her face, too.

Here are some super-hero doggies with their handlers.  They do the very important job of search and rescue.  I wish I had been there to shake their paw and tell them thank you for all of the hard work they do.

My mom person didn’t get this guys name, but he sure looks happy, doesn’t he?
My mom person says all of the doggies at BlogPaws are happy, cause they’re getting so much attention.  They do need rest breaks in the hotel room, though cause it’s a whole lot of stimulation to throw at a dog in one short weekend!

The three founders of BlogPaws, Caroline Golon, Yvonne Divita, Tom Collins, and Tom & Yvonne’s daughter Chloe who’s the COE, or Chief of Everything.

Chloe Divita, Caroline Golon, Yvonne Divita, Tom Collins

Betsy Saul, the co-founder of the amazingly successful Petfinder gave a great Keynote Address about the way we look at shelter animals, they way they should be treated, and the more controversial topic of is no-kill shelters really are always the best thing.  This lady knows her stuff!

Now in the middle of this great speech, a group of crazy people who had secretly been practicing for months, broke out into a flat pet flash mob.  Yes, my mom person was one of them waving Flat Oskar around like a maniac.

If the video doesn’t work, you can see it on YouTube as BlogPaws Flashmob.  Don’t worry, Betsy wasn’t offended, she was in on the whole thing.

We flat pets were in the company of celebrity, as there was a flat Bret Michaels there to promote his new line at Petsmart.  Flat Oskar is in the picture, but you can’t really see him.  Too bad, there haven’t been quite enough pictures of him, BOL!

Next we’ll head over to the Catification Lounge, designed by Modern Cat and the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy.

Pretty fancy stuff for the kitties, huh?  The really cool thing is that the gave everything away to the attendees on the last day of the conference.  My mom person won a Sunny Seat, but since we already have one for Chloe & Moe, she was able to trade with a nice lady for a sisal and wood scratching post.

My mom person got to go out to dinner with some of her human friends who are behind some really great blogs.  Of course they took the flats & Flat Skeezix had to order a beer.

Here’s my mom person & her friends.  From the end there is Miss Karen from Skeezix the cat & Mousebreath, Miss Joanne from The Tiniest Tiger, Miss Bev from My Fire Hydrant, my mom person, Miss Rachel from Preston Speaks, and Miss Lorie from Social Media Savvy Pets and Pet Health Care Gazette.

Karen, Joanne, Bev, Pam (my mom person), Rachel, and Lorie

Here’s another picture of Miss Bev & my mom person wearing their silly sequined Minnie Mouse Ears to the formal event.  Miss Bev is holding up her iPhone which is measuring the sound decibels in the room.  My mom person says it was loud!

They had their dressed up ears on, cause it was time for the first annual BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards.  My mom person knew lots of people who were up for awards, and lots of the winners.

Here’s Paris & John who created & run Dogtipper.com & Cattipper.com.  They won the award for Best Bark Blog.

This little guy looked like my mom person felt at the end of the weekend…all tuckered out.

On Sunday morning, she took one last look at her mountains and did something great…

she flew back home to me!

So we’re done with BlogPaws, until next year in Tysons Corner, VA.  She can’t wait for the fun to start all over again!