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A Low Key Fourth

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Happy Fourth of July!

We’ve had a busy week.  Last week I got sprayed by a skunk in my back yard…twice.

DSC_0010We think the skunk had babies behind my shed.  I don’t like it there & can’t help myself from trying to make it go away…it’s my yard!

Then two days ago on Tuesday, my mom person had some minor surgicals.  She’s doing well, but not feeling 100%. Don’t worry, she’ll be just fine, she just needs to rest.

Besides the skunking, I’ve been having a bad time too.  Where we live they have made big changes to the fireworks laws. That means every weekend & some weeknights there are loud fireworks. They scare me very much.

I have my Thundershirt & some medicines they give me, but my people don’t like giving them to me cause they make me kind of a zombie boy.

20130627_171818You can imagine this week has been really bad with the fireworks. Me & my mom person have spent lots of time snuggled up in the bed helping each other.

I even spent a little time letting Chloe sniff me & explaining to her that Mrs. Skunk made me smell this way.

DSC_0019Chloe & I don’t have many conversations, but I wanted to tell her that is she sees any skunks in the house, she should not try to be it’s friend.

The loss of our friend Thunder has been weighing heavy on our hearts. I know that all of Blogville shares our grief.

So for us friends, it’s a low key Fourth of July, but even with everything that’s going on my mom person has spent time telling me this week why we are so lucky to be Americans.