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Enjoying Each Other!

12-23-2013Moe, Chloe and I sharing the Christmas spirit and the couch nest.

I’m being very charitable because I’m letting Chloe use my special “around here the miniature schnauzer is in charge” pillow.  It was sent by my by schnauzers-brothers-from-another-mother, JD and Max.  They live across a big pond in UK. Check them out on Facebook.

My peeps looked cute too.

2013-12-25 20.01.08I’ll be back soon, I’m enjoying cozy family time and I truly hope you are too!

A Low Key Fourth

Made In America image

Happy Fourth of July!

We’ve had a busy week.  Last week I got sprayed by a skunk in my back yard…twice.

DSC_0010We think the skunk had babies behind my shed.  I don’t like it there & can’t help myself from trying to make it go away…it’s my yard!

Then two days ago on Tuesday, my mom person had some minor surgicals.  She’s doing well, but not feeling 100%. Don’t worry, she’ll be just fine, she just needs to rest.

Besides the skunking, I’ve been having a bad time too.  Where we live they have made big changes to the fireworks laws. That means every weekend & some weeknights there are loud fireworks. They scare me very much.

I have my Thundershirt & some medicines they give me, but my people don’t like giving them to me cause they make me kind of a zombie boy.

20130627_171818You can imagine this week has been really bad with the fireworks. Me & my mom person have spent lots of time snuggled up in the bed helping each other.

I even spent a little time letting Chloe sniff me & explaining to her that Mrs. Skunk made me smell this way.

DSC_0019Chloe & I don’t have many conversations, but I wanted to tell her that is she sees any skunks in the house, she should not try to be it’s friend.

The loss of our friend Thunder has been weighing heavy on our hearts. I know that all of Blogville shares our grief.

So for us friends, it’s a low key Fourth of July, but even with everything that’s going on my mom person has spent time telling me this week why we are so lucky to be Americans.

I Zombified Us!

My friend Simba from Come Wag Along did a post where he zombified himself with a cool app on The Walking Dead website.

My peeps love The Walking Dead, so with some help from my mom person we deaded ourselves.  Scary pictures below!

Jack walker

Zombie Jack

Zombie John

Zombie John

Zombie Dad Person

Zombie Dad Person

Zombie Mom Person

Zombie Mom Person

Zombie Oskar

Zombie Oskar

I hope I didn’t scare you too much!  Do you like The Walking Dead?

**Breaking Santa Paws News!!**

Oh my dog, you guys won’t believe this…

After weeks of my mom person warning me about how I need to be good so I won’t be on Santa Paws’ naughty list, look what I came across.  Oh, it’s important for you to know, if you don’t all ready, that my mom person’s name is Pam.

Bwahahaha, look who’s at the top of the naughty list, bwahahaha.

I guess Mrs. “you better behave, Oskar or you’ll be on the naughty list” should start minding her own business.

And the good news is there is only one of my friends names on the list.  I am a little worried about Gloria, but since she’s at the very bottom of the list I bet she can move to the nice list pretty easily if she behaves from now until Christmas.

Since we can all see the naughty list we can rest easy.  I mean even if we are naughty, his list is full…with the name Pam on it, bwahahaha!

I’m Trying To Sleep

You know it’s not often when I agree with the kitties that live here.  They were here before me and still seem to harbor resentment about my arrival, often smacking me in the woozle for no reason.

But this time we are on the same side.  While trying to sleep every night my mom person continually gets in the way.  Moe likes to sleep on the outside of the bed & I like to sleep in the middle.

The problem is my mom person’s legs & feet are limiting our space!

This photo is not very good, because I had to force my mom person to take it with her cell phone.  The things sticking up between Moe & I are my mom person’s legs.

All night long she is trying to move in the bed disturbing Moe’s & more importantly my sleep.  Then my mom person has the nerve to complain that we “are in the way”, and “she can’t move all night.”

This happens every night, causing me to lose sleep and require extra naps during the day, which keeps me from patrolling my yard properly.

Any suggestions on how to get my mom person to take up less of the bed are welcomed!