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**Breaking Santa Paws News!!**

Oh my dog, you guys won’t believe this…

After weeks of my mom person warning me about how I need to be good so I won’t be on Santa Paws’ naughty list, look what I came across.  Oh, it’s important for you to know, if you don’t all ready, that my mom person’s name is Pam.

Bwahahaha, look who’s at the top of the naughty list, bwahahaha.

I guess Mrs. “you better behave, Oskar or you’ll be on the naughty list” should start minding her own business.

And the good news is there is only one of my friends names on the list.  I am a little worried about Gloria, but since she’s at the very bottom of the list I bet she can move to the nice list pretty easily if she behaves from now until Christmas.

Since we can all see the naughty list we can rest easy.  I mean even if we are naughty, his list is full…with the name Pam on it, bwahahaha!