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Enjoying Each Other!

12-23-2013Moe, Chloe and I sharing the Christmas spirit and the couch nest.

I’m being very charitable because I’m letting Chloe use my special “around here the miniature schnauzer is in charge” pillow.  It was sent by my by schnauzers-brothers-from-another-mother, JD and Max.  They live across a big pond in UK. Check them out on Facebook.

My peeps looked cute too.

2013-12-25 20.01.08I’ll be back soon, I’m enjoying cozy family time and I truly hope you are too!

When Good News Is Really Bad News, Health Update

Hey it’s me Oskar!  All of your prayers & love have been amazing!

DSC_0004After just one dose of my Prednisone I am feeling 100%!  I still have to take it for 3 weeks.

For some strange reason this is actually bad news. It doesn’t make sense to me, but my mom person says that I am not supposed to be jumping on the furniture, roaching & rolling around in the grass when I go outside, or chasing dogs that walk by my house.

DSC_0006It’s not like she even has any proof that I’ve been roaching in the grass that was mowed yesterday.

My nice mean vet says since I can’t be calm I have to be crated for 2 weeks!

DSC_0010I haven’t been crated since I was a very wee pup.  My mom person tried it today & it took me 2 hours of screaming at her before she let me back out.

They tried taking me outside to do my business with my harness & leash on, but obviously if I have my leash & harness on that means we are going for a walk.  I just kept jumping up on my mom person waiting for the walk to start & we went nowhere except the back yard.  Oh, and apparently jumping up on people is also on the list of “things Oskar can not do for at least 2 weeks.”

If I’m not still I could blow out my back which would require some surgicals & rehab.

Now my mom person has a leaky face because the vet at Petmate says that I will have to be sedated & crated for at least 2 weeks.   I don’t know what sedated means, but it is making my mom person very unhappy, so I don’t think I will like it.

She has been having lots of talks with me about things being “for my own good” but not chasing off potential intruders,  not rolling & roaching in the grass & not being allowed out of my crate, do not seen like it is for MY good.  



I still don’t know why she thinks I have been roaching in the yard.

The good news is that even though I am overdue I do not have to go to the groomers for a few weeks, but I think I’d rather be groomed than be sedated & crated.

Thanks again for all of your love friends. We’ll update you when we can.




Oskar Health Update

Hello friends,

Our vet thinks that Oskar has a spinal lesion, which is like a slipped disc.  He will be on Prednisone for 3 weeks along with Pepcid AC for his stomach because the Prednisone can be kind of harsh.

Right now he can walk pretty well when he can get up, but he really can’t get up from a sitting or laying down position.  His back legs won’t lift him up.  We have to keep him from running, jumping, etc. for at least 2 weeks which will be a challenge.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video of what’s happening.

YouTube Video

It’s really terrifying to see him not be able to get up like this.

We would love to hear from anyone who has been through this before.

I’m Trying To Sleep

You know it’s not often when I agree with the kitties that live here.  They were here before me and still seem to harbor resentment about my arrival, often smacking me in the woozle for no reason.

But this time we are on the same side.  While trying to sleep every night my mom person continually gets in the way.  Moe likes to sleep on the outside of the bed & I like to sleep in the middle.

The problem is my mom person’s legs & feet are limiting our space!

This photo is not very good, because I had to force my mom person to take it with her cell phone.  The things sticking up between Moe & I are my mom person’s legs.

All night long she is trying to move in the bed disturbing Moe’s & more importantly my sleep.  Then my mom person has the nerve to complain that we “are in the way”, and “she can’t move all night.”

This happens every night, causing me to lose sleep and require extra naps during the day, which keeps me from patrolling my yard properly.

Any suggestions on how to get my mom person to take up less of the bed are welcomed!

Monday Mischief Blog Hop

I am participating in the Monday Mischief blog hop today, because I thought I should fess up to another incident.

A couple of years ago my good buddies JD & Max sent me a really cool advent calender that gets filled with cookies.  (JD & Max aren’t blogging much these days, but you can catch up with them on Facebook.)

Here’s a shot of where the advent calender was hanging.

Now as any smart doggie would do, I sort of took advantage of the situation climbed up the couch and um, helped myself to a few of the lower hanging cookies.

My peeps don’t really blame me too much for this one, but like yesterday, I’m a little worried about Santa Paws.  I’m hoping that my confessions will keep me on the nice list.

Since my transgression, the calender has been moved to a location that I can’t get to.  It’s actually a big relief not to have that temptation hanging over my head anymore.

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Snoopy's Dog Blog

Black & White Sunday ~ Uh-Oh!

What do you mean Santa Paws saw me digging through the garbage can??  I was only trying to help by taking the garbage out, honest!

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