My Boy Jack

Here’s a picture of me and my boy Jack at Christmas.

DSC_0017Then he went and got all of his hairs cut off.

IMG_9093Isn’t he very handsome?

It made my mom person a little sad, because she says now he looks more like a man than a boy, but he is 18.

He’s having a fun time finishing up his Senior year of high school, but now my mom person is scared and worried because yesterday a student brought a loaded gun to the school.

This boy was mad at some other students and luckily someone told the police officer at the school that he might be looking for revenge. They found a knife on the boy and a loaded gun in his car.

Sometimes people make me sad, I wish they would all stop being so mean to each other all the time. Give your people an extra hug today.

40 Degrees, It Feels Like Spring

Yeah, that’s right, in this long harsh winter we’re excited for 40 degrees.

I did some serious patrolling in my yard today and some one thought they had to wipe my muddy feet every single time I came in! All four of them!!  That’s the thanks I get for being vigilant.


It’s not my fault it’s mud season. And it’s actually supposed to rain for the next 2 days. I do love me some good mud, er…I mean that’s too bad 😉

Actually we did go for a walk since it’s so nice out.

2014-03-18 18.55.04I see something that needs inspection, hurry up.

2014-03-18 18.56.12

2014-03-18 18.56.20I better get a good sniff.

2014-03-18 18.57.18

It’s dangerous work being an Oskar!

C’mon, let’s see what else there is to find.

2014-03-18 18.57.58

Happy Birthday John David

My oldest boy, John David, is 22 years old today.  My mom person says that he’s not a boy anymore, but I’m pretty sure he is still my boy.

DSC_0012He lives in a different place now, but I’ll get to see him when he visits this weekend.

Happy Birthday, John.  We are all awful proud of you!


Breaking Scarlet Puppynickel Alert

We’ve been lying kind of low, in case you hadn’t noticed.  I guess my mom person decided to hibernate like a bear. 

I haven’t been able to get her on the computer to blog or visit, but I hope this alarming Scarlet Puppynickel event is enough to shake her back to her senses.


The snow here has been a little excessive this year, I have not been impressed. Oskar’s do not care for temperatures below zero. Ever.

Well today it got downright toasty here. It was almost 40 degrees!

2014-03-07 16.33.57With the warm air comes mud. All of my friends know how much I hate mud. Terrible stuff *I’m lying* *cough*

Folks, here comes the latest dirty deed of the brazen Scarlet Puppynickel. For those of you too young to remember the Scarlet Puppynickel, he is a shape shifting, globe-trotting scoundrel bringing trouble to innocent pups the world over.  He particularly likes to bring trouble to the good name and reputation of naughty schnauzers.

The Evidence:

2014-03-07 16.35.23Fresh mud on the carpeting!  Being a schnauzer of elegant manners I would never make such a mess.

Now for a simple re-creation of how Puppynickel spread his dirty paws all over. For demonstrations purposes only I will step in for the villain to show you how he must have walked around on my carpeting leaving mud behind him.

2014-03-07 16.35.26

2014-03-07 16.35.28There you have it. Clear evidence of how the Scarlet Puppynickel infiltrated my house while no one was looking and left behind muddy prints clearly trying to get this innocent terrier into trouble.

Watch your backs friends. You never know where the Scarlet devil will pop up leaving nothing but blame in his wake.

Has the Scarlet Puppynickel been causing trouble for you? Leave us a comment while you’re here. Please catch us up on any breaking Blogville news if you could as well.

PS ~ you can check out Pet Blogs United if you’re curious for an update of where we plan to go with PBU.

I’m Back With A Heavy Heart

The holidays, illnesses and the polar vortex has kept us out of circulation forever!  I’m really hoping that my mom person can get it together and get back into a blogging rhythm.

Being out of the loop, we just became aware of the loss of Honey the Great Dane.  Honey’s parents are extraordinary people who ensured that Honey had a very fulfilled and happy life. Hsin Yi’s final post to Honey is a beautifully written tribute.

RIP Honey

I’m sure you also know Moosey from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life.  He’s at the Emergency vet.

Purrs for MOOSEY

I know his dad Kevin (MeowMeowMans) & mom Traci would appreciate your pawsitive thoughts if you haven’t already been over there.  Visit Moosey.

If any other friends are doing poorly we send our love to them also. We haven’t gotten around Blogville much lately, but hopefully my secretary can get me back onto the interwebs on a regular basis.

Enjoying Each Other!

12-23-2013Moe, Chloe and I sharing the Christmas spirit and the couch nest.

I’m being very charitable because I’m letting Chloe use my special “around here the miniature schnauzer is in charge” pillow.  It was sent by my by schnauzers-brothers-from-another-mother, JD and Max.  They live across a big pond in UK. Check them out on Facebook.

My peeps looked cute too.

2013-12-25 20.01.08I’ll be back soon, I’m enjoying cozy family time and I truly hope you are too!

Shakeables Review and Giveaway!


I’m sad my grass is now covered in snow.

I have been enjoying Shakeables treats for a few months and if you live in the USA, now is your chance to win your own can!  Iams has provided a coupon for one lucky reader.

DSC_0011The Shakeables container makes a cool noise when it gets shaken.  It’s a built in treat-notification-system!  When I hear it, I take off towards the kitchen to see which flavor I get to have this time.  They have Clucky Me Chicken, Gobble ’em Up Turkey and Un-baa-lievable Lamb flavors.

Chloe & Moe have asked me to speak to my contacts at Iams because they also come running when my mom person shakes the Shakeables can and they don’t make Shakeables cat treats.  Since we have worked with Iams for years, I assured them that I have tremendous influence with the company so I’ll see what I can do about that 😉

Oskar Shakeables on Make A Gif

Don’t mind if I do.

You may remember that I had a yucky bout of pancreatitis this summer; Iams Shakeables are one of only two vet approved treats I’m allowed to eat now on my restricted diet.  (The other approved treats are the Iams biscuits.)

2013-12-14 20.25.35Each flavor has a different shape and Dr. Amy Dicke of Iams said that they can be cut them in half or even quarters for training or more frequent treating.  That’s easy to do because they’re nice and soft.

DSC_0003Would you like to try Iams Shakeables for yourself?  Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which flavor, or color, or shape looks like the most fun to you.  The contest will close on Tuesday 12/17/13 at midnight EST. The winner will be selected by random draw or some more clever method if my mom person has time to come up with one, BOL!

*I’m sorry but this is a USA contest only.  Iams has been a long time sponsor of our and provided coupons for Shakeables for this promotion.  All of the comments about how cool they are are my personalized Oskar opinion.

A bunch of our blogging friends tried Shakeables thanks to Iams too.  You can see a list of their Shakeables posts and learn about the #ShakeItForward program on Pet Blogs United.

Kitty Caturday How Do They Do That Edition

You probably remember Moe.  She was estimated to be around 4 years old in 1999 when my mom person got her from an adoption event.  Being elderly she’s slowing down, but she loves to lay in the sun puddle on top of the warm cable box.



DSC_0036I’m not sure how this is possibly comfortable, but she’s happy and that’s all that matters.

This isn’t her only creative sleeping position either!