40 Degrees, It Feels Like Spring

Yeah, that’s right, in this long harsh winter we’re excited for 40 degrees.

I did some serious patrolling in my yard today and some one thought they had to wipe my muddy feet every single time I came in! All four of them!!  That’s the thanks I get for being vigilant.


It’s not my fault it’s mud season. And it’s actually supposed to rain for the next 2 days. I do love me some good mud, er…I mean that’s too bad 😉

Actually we did go for a walk since it’s so nice out.

2014-03-18 18.55.04I see something that needs inspection, hurry up.

2014-03-18 18.56.12

2014-03-18 18.56.20I better get a good sniff.

2014-03-18 18.57.18

It’s dangerous work being an Oskar!

C’mon, let’s see what else there is to find.

2014-03-18 18.57.58


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  1. It was 40° here this morning–a sure sign of winter. BOL! Looks like you found some great scents to explore. And mud comes off, right?

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. MUDDDDDDDDDDDDD Glorious squishy gushy MUD. OH so MUCH better than freezing Cold Snow.

    We are glad that you are seeing some MELTING and MUDDING.

  3. Wow it was a real warm 40. Looks like a tough job patrolling that big yard. This one wipes our feets when they are not even muddy
    Lily & Edward

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