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A Rainy Day

A boring rainy day.


Nothing to do, but just chill.


Uh, was that thunder??


Better make sure the bathtub is safe…


Uh, everything here is safe, I’d better check the basement…


Yeah, I’d better stay here & protect this corner of the basement during the thunderstrom…totally the best plan.


Spring Means More Yardwork!

I spent a lot of time this weekend supervising my dad person while he was doing yard work. He’s clipping the weeds.


I think he’s doing it pretty well, what should I work on?


I better catch up on my hole digging. Someone has been messing up my holes. What looked like this just this morning…


Now looks like this!


I found the perfect place for my next hole. What do you think?


My work here is done. Time to play, right?



Thanks To All Of You!


Oskar’s mom person here. We are back from vacation & happily reunited with our sassy schnauzer. Oskar & I are overwhelmed by the quality of posts that our guest bloggers put up while we were gone.

The time & imagination that our friends put into making Oskar’s blog super cool really makes us know that we are loved. We hope that we have an opportunity to pay all of you back whenever you need us.

We had a wonderful time on the trip & Oskar reports unprecedented spoiling from Monnie.

Here’s a pic of the family in NC.




JD – Sigh….we miss Oskar….

Max – ….yup – we’re two of the many members of the official ‘come back Oskar!’ fan club!

JD – But in the meantime – RESPECT to Bruce for his amazing and funny posts!

Max – We’re also trying to do Oskar proud with our guest-blog attempts. Today we have devised a game….

JD – ….please play along! It’s called ‘Where’s Oskar?!’ and below you will see photos of lots of doggies and kitties….

Max – ….they’re all blog pals of Oskar and they’re all in disguise! What you have to do is see if you can spot Oskar amongst them! Drag your cursor over the pictures to stop the slide show so you can have a good look at each picture.

JD – Good luck! If we all manage to spot Oskar maybe he’ll come back real soon…..

Max – See you soon Oskar!


Find out what all the critters are up to at….

time for a little silliness

We all know that Oskar is the STAR of this blog,
but while you’re waiting for him to come home,
I’d like to tell you a few jokes!

Is this corny enough for you?
Are you laughing yet?

Come on now…let it out!
He, he, he, ha, ha, ha!

You’d better hurry up and come home Oskar,
I don’t know how much more of Bruce your fans can take!
Hope you all have a nice day & KEEP LAUGHING:)

Am I Dreaming?

I know that Monnie is taking good care of me,
but I’ve been having trouble sleeping.

Don’t worry Oskar. Your Mom told your friends to watch out for you while she’s gone. I’m dream master Bruce and I will walk you through those bad dreams.

See, all of your friends are still here in blog-land.
There is nothing to worry about.

Just remember the happy times…
Everyone is watching over you.
That’s it, just sleep, sleep, sleep…

You’ll be back home before you know it!
**(make sure you click on the photos to enlarge
so you can read the captions)


Max – Has she finished yet?

JD – Not yet Max.

Max – But we NEED it! We said we’d post a few blogs for Oskar! Tell her to hurry up….

JD – Um, human – have you finished with the ‘pooter yet? We need to blog for Oskar….

Max – ….yeah! Please hurry up! Oskar needs us!

JD – Sigh….I miss Oskar!

Max – ….me too Max! We hope he’s having fun with his Monnie.

Photobucket brought to you today with tail wags by

JD and Max

Find out what all the critters are up to at….


My people have to go do VACATION. They assure me that it is no fun and that I will be much better off staying with my Grandma. I’m sure they’re right cause theres just about nothing more fun than staying with my Monnie.

Some of my friends are going to come in and post while I am gone. Make sure and show them lots of love & stop by & visit their blogs, cause they are really helping out me & my mom person.