Chloe’s Computer

My mom person got a new laptop, but someone else thinks it belongs to them.

This has completely gone to her head.  Now she’s all “I’m a blogger, too!”  Uh no, your just a weird cat!

It wasn’t even turned on, so she wasn’t laying on it because it was warm.

“I AM a blogger.  I want a blog!”

I almost feel bad for the chubby, fuzzy beastie.  Almost.

“You cannot resist my coy glance.  Blog me woman!”



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  1. Heee, cute! Though I think it was more about the heat and less about the blogging for her! Have a good weekend, Oskar!

  2. What a cute kitty cat sister you got Oskar but ya gottta put your paws down before she gets out of control with you computer.

    {{{huggies}}}….Mona & Weenie

  3. she is NOT a "beastie" she is ADORABLE!!!! Sorry, but I have decided she is my favorite!!

    Hope you are feeling better!!!

  4. Oskar,
    We cats like to mark our territory…and claim our possessions. So that new lappy is hers now. You can't do anything about it…esp after you call her a beastie… har har har…you got outwitted by a feline. *evil laughs*

  5. Don't let that cat even have one post….it'll take over. Cats are sneaky like that.

    XXXOOO Bella, Daisy & Kendra.

    Because it's warm….who's she kiddin', it's summer there.

  6. hehehe Chloe is a smart girl and soooo CUTE!
    I love these pictures.It's also my favorite spot here!
    and happy weekend,
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  7. What a bootiful sisfur you have pal. Here I didn't even know you had a sisfur – a cat one at that. Since I'm a cat, I'm going to fcake her side – YES – She SHOULDL have her own blog. So get with it Oskar! he he

  8. What a beautiful gal you are, Chloe!!!!!!! We think you need your own blog…….we'd definitely follow you, if you let us know you have one of your own.


  9. Watch out Oskar…I think that kitty sister is trying to out-cutesy you…

    Happy Weekend Smileys!
    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

  10. Oh my Oskar, you have to share your house with a cat and even one that wants to be like you and blog ….woof…amazing … I guess it would be okay when my mom person leaves for work sometimes I get kinda of lonely …but on the other paw … I am the "Queen" of this house!" Woofing at my thoughts…I'm too amazing. Have a woofunderful weekend

  11. Cats are sooo weird, aren't they? Maybe she likes shiny things…who knows. Or maybe she's just plain weird?

    I guess we'll be ready for the blog title to change to "The Daily Kitty" now!! 🙂

    Elyse and Riley

  12. "WEIRD"!?!

    Oskar, here we thought you might like kitties, just a little! hmph.

    Or maybe it's just Chloe. Is she the woozle-thwacker?

  13. Yep, we thinks Chloe has claimed that puter as hers so we will be lookin' to see some blogs from her. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Ha ha, funny kitty! I keep laying on Mom's new iPad. It's making her real mad. Seems like your Mom is way nicer about sharing with your kitty than the Mama is about sharing with me.

  15. Cool! A new laptop! How fun! And your sister cat is furry purrty! She got her special blog post! She wants you to know who is in control!

  16. Chloe needs a blog! She seems pretty ready to me! Either that or maybe she might make a good computer assistant for you Oskar! 🙂

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