Meet My New Friends

I’ve found some great new blogging friends for all of you to meet!

Joules & Prescott are two of my favorite breed.

Did you guess they were miniature schnauzers before you saw the picture?  Their blog is called Fear the Beards, how great is that?

My other new friend is Mollie.

She’s a border collie that has her own online store along with her blog, Mollie’s Country Kitchen Deli.  Mollie & her mom person make all kinds of great homemade treats and cute bandanas for any of you living in the UK.  The link there is for her blog, but you can get to her online store from there.

I would consider it a personal favor if you would stop by & say hi to these new friends.  They all deserve a warm welcome to Blogville 🙂


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  1. Your new friends look like really nice ones. We will stop by and say hello.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Just popped in to to say Thank you Oskar for putting me on your blog and helping me to find new friends. I’m having a great time, blogging away each day and it’s all down to you.
    Big licks Mollie xx

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