The Blogville Olympics Is Proud To Present Synchronized Sleeping

As a partner event to Crazy Sleeping Singles, Synchronized Sleeping takes some teamwork.

Let’s get under way!

Roxy, Daisy & Bella from Scotsmad

Bailey & Katie from Sheltie Times

Spunky & Ginger from Clarissa’s House of Cats

Shasta & Shiloh from Team Beaglebratz

Tai Chi & baby Fiona from Another Tequila Sunrise

Goodness Gracie

Maggie Mae & Max from Maggie Mae Says

Little Dog Marley

Bella & Aimee from Hound Dog Mom

Lightning & Ciara The Chronicle of Woos

Ciara & Thunder, The Chronicle of Woos

LuLu & Quinn from Fog City Lu

Lassiter Chase & Benjamin

George the Lad & Tess

Brinksey Winksie Puddie Pie & Bella from The Houston Pittie Pack

Ruthi and Peaches from K-9 Katastrophie

Mayzie & Brudder Ranger from Mayzie Girl

Bugsy & Knuckles from Max The Quilt Cat

Bugsy & Knuckles from Max the Quilt Cat

Jazzi & Addy from Jazzi’s World

Sally Ann & Andy

Corbin & Brookie Lyn from Oh Cute Corbin

Yenna & Nina Bird Brains and Dogs Tails

Dougall and Floyd, The Dougall Diaries

Tucker & Vader, Confessions of a Maine Dane

Muffin, Lily Belle & Freeda from Loveable Lily

Freeda & Lily Belle from Loveable Lily

Wilson & Jimmy A Tale Of 2 Corgis

Casey & Cinderella The Legacy Chronicles

Tahoe & Winston Hootin Anni

Benny & Lily Two French Bulldogs

Life With My Dogs

Shadow & Ginger, Pawprints From The Sands Of Time

Ginger & Buddy, Pawprints From The Sands Of Time

Ginger, Buddy & Shadow, Pawprints From The Sands Of Time

Bailey Be Good

Posie Dorg & Auntie RowieStella & Rory from Dowunder

Ruby & Ruby!

Chooey & Peanuts, My Dogs Love Me

Frank the Tank & Ernie

Frank the Tank & Ernie

Rubie & her cousin

Dachshund Nola & Augustine

Goose & Friends

Ladies & gentleman, please applaud all of your brave, strong, Olympians!



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  1. Awsome! I had no idea what this event would be like!
    Its spectacular. The athletes are doing a swell job!

  2. Spectacular synchronized sleepers!!! Who knew there were so many champions in Blogville!!! Thanks again for all your hard work to pull this together.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. WOW!!! THIS was AMAZING.. I am STUNNED at the Scope and QUALITY of these SLEEPERS. They have the FORM and FORTITUDE down pat!!


  4. OMC! I entered your Synco Sleeping contest and my photo wasn’t posted. I am wanting to know if I was kicked out of the competition? OMC! What to do? I have my entry posted at my place.

  5. Hey Oskar!
    Wow, another great group of committed athletes! You can see how hard we all trained for this one. Great pix of all of the sporting action! Thanks for hosting.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  6. What a fantastic event! We are so honored to be a part of this event! (Even though TaiChi has long since crossed the Bridge, she was the Best Sleeping Partner!) Thank you so much for hosting this spectacular event!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus
    Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus recently posted..Olympic TrainingMy Profile

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  8. WOWSIES, sooo many sleepy furrends, absoloootly FANTABYOOOLUS!! GRAYTE evvintt andd sooo mutch fun!! Reelly fanks furr hostinn!! both owf these evints was grayte, so maniie dubbles owf pets, n therrs also lots owf grayte wuns in tha singels, rownd dorners n own tabels n jusht WOWIES! love n likkers, pdorg xoxx
    posie recently posted..PARAYDE OWF DA AFTHLETES!My Profile

  9. Gosh…me and Brudder Ranger are just so PROUD to have been part of this very much amazing event. Everybuddy must have been practicing their whole lives for this day and gosh, did it ever pay off. Bravo, everybuddy!

    Wiggles & Wags,
    mayziegal recently posted..Let the Games BeginMy Profile

  10. Oh nos – I is the only doggie sleeping wif a kitteh- embarrassing.

    Oh wells he is my kitteh brudder and he be ok.

    woof – Tucker

    Pee S thanks for hosting this event 🙂

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