Let’s Thank Some True Heroes

Since we’ve had the sickies, we haven’t had much cool dog stuff to blog about.  Today I talked it over with my mom person and we’d like to share an piece about unsung heroes, military wives.

Every now and again we probably take time out of our day to think about how tough must be for them.  But none of us who haven’t been there can really understand.

Ashleigh Baker’s amazing post will help you understand, appreciate and be forever grateful to these American Heroes.

this is to you, the military wife


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  1. Us Beaglebratz here – thank=0 Oskar fer remindin’us ’bout the. Our mom iza Navy brat which meanz her mom wuz one of them military wivez. Our mom’z dad wuz away a lot when our mom an’her sis’n bro were just kiddoz so she(military wife did a lot of raizin’the kiddoz, takin’care of the house an’kinda bein’a substitute dad plus she werked all day. Now our mom werkz around veteranz so she iz real aware of ALL the sacrifisez thoze military wivez make tue keep thoze “home firez” burnin’. We iz gonna read that post tue. Our mom thinkz military wivez shood git a speshal day fer them just like Veteran’z Day.
    Shiloh’n Diva Shasta
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