Goodbye Good Friends

Mr Pip, ForeverWe went to Mr. Pip’s blog this morning & saw his smiling face.  My mom person & I were happy to see Pip smiling.

Now we have learned that Pip will be crossing his bridge today.  His loss will be deeply felt.

Madi & her mom have an update here.

Head over to Mr. Pip’s Blog to lend your support.

Update: Our day just got worse.  We just learned that dear Gracie Lynn passed suddenly earlier this week.

Gracie Lynn

You can visit Gracie Lynn’s family here.

Two wonderful friends gone.  Everybody in for a group hug, okay?


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  1. OSKAR… the MEMORIES You and I and PIP have made together over the years. How we will miss him… he was an ANCHOR for this ship we call Blogville, was he not?

  2. Dear Oskar
    Mom and I thank you so much for the kind comments you left on our blog regarding dear Sweet Pip’s trip to the rainbow bridge…
    He loved well and was well loved.
    We are so very sorry to read of Gracie Lynn’s passing….we hope she and Pip are now pain free and happy.
    Hugs Madi and Mom
    Madi and Mom recently posted..My Dear Friend PipMy Profile

  3. I am so sad too about both Mr Pip and Gracie Lynn.
    I know their familys are hurting bad,, I left them some love.

  4. Thank you Oskar! We so appreciate your support and I know Pip always considered you a true friend!

    xoxo, Kristin (Pip’s assistant)

  5. We sent some hugs to Pip’s family yesterday. So sad….

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Oskar, I, Bella would love to go with you. SHE has already sent a picture of me with Daisy off–we’re dressed as SQUIRRELS would you believe. So if you can help me out here that would be great!

    Love, and smooches Bella

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