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Metro-Detroit Pet Expo & Frankies Puppy Ernie!

My people decided to go to the Metro-Detroit Pet Expo yesterday.  I was not allowed to go because I am not very well socialized.  Since my mom person has been sick for a while we don’t get out much.  We all decided it was best for me not to go since all the people and other dogs would make me too stressy.

The place was pretty big and bright.  It was mostly rescue groups, not too many vendors selling pet related things, which disappointed my people a little. 

There were dressed up dogs,

Dock diving dogs,

Mango sized dogs,

And even baby dogs that look like Frankies new puppy, Ernie.

My dad met a lovely lady dog & got some extra lovin’.

And then my mom got to pay a dollar to kiss a most loving and sweet pit bull girlie.  My moms head is thrown back from the big slurp & you can see that this pibbles ears have been cut off with scissors.  This made everybody sad inside, but that pibble was just as loving and happy as could be.  We can’t all people be good like dogs?

My mom person met lots of people from foster groups and told them about Pet Blogs United & our Foster Friday posts, so that they can get some of their pets featured.

It made them sad that they couldn’t help take any animals home, but they left some green papers to help a little.

I hope next year I’ll be socialized enough to be able and mingle with other furiends!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?