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Happy Halloween!

My dad person says no costumes and I am totally down with that, but he’s at work and my mom person someone had the lame idea to dress me up.

DSC_0022Yeah, it’s an old Pokemon t-shirt.  My boy Jack found it in the basement the other day and was sad that it didn’t fit him anymore. So I am a young Jack for Halloween.

DSC_0025That woman is so not cool, but she feeds me so I humor her.

I much prefer the Walking Dead version she made of me.

*Warning, it’s scary*

It was scaring too many friends, so we put the Zombie Oskar after the linky if you want to see him!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day, 2013Happy Mother’s day to all of you mom people out there.

Here’s a picture of me with my first mom, Shelley.

Day 1 Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs 8I’m not quite sure which one I am, but if you see the excessively handsome on, that’s me.

100_1779-2That is an old picture of me & my mom person because she didn’t feel like taking a new one today & since it is Mother’s Day I let her off the hook.

173 (2)Here’s my mom person with my boys, John & Jack.  She tells them that they are the best thing that ever happened to her, but I have a suspicion that she tells them that so they don’t feel bad that I’m her favorite.

My mom person & I are going to lay in bed & read until later today when we get to go see her mom person, better known as my monnie, for a BBQ.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mom person to someone else!

Thanks to the amazing Ann at Zoolatry the the pawsome graphic!

I Zombified Us!

My friend Simba from Come Wag Along did a post where he zombified himself with a cool app on The Walking Dead website.

My peeps love The Walking Dead, so with some help from my mom person we deaded ourselves.  Scary pictures below!

Jack walker

Zombie Jack

Zombie John

Zombie John

Zombie Dad Person

Zombie Dad Person

Zombie Mom Person

Zombie Mom Person

Zombie Oskar

Zombie Oskar

I hope I didn’t scare you too much!  Do you like The Walking Dead?

Happy Birthday Jack!

Hmm, not the best picture of me, but since it’s Jack’s day I guess it doesn’t matter.  Jack, the baby, is 17 today.  My mom person says she feels funny inside knowing that her little baby is so big now.

The pretty girl with us is Jack’s girl Alexis, she’s here to help do the celebrating.

Happy birthday, Jack, we love you lots!