Pawparazzi Strike

Camera Critters

I’ve had enough.  Enough of that woman with her flashy box in my face.  No matter how she tries she will not get any reaction from me.  I am a stone statue.  Flash away, I am immune.

She made kissing noises & called my name…I do not move.

She jumped up and down like the fool she is, but I stand my ground.

She sees she cannot break me, I will not pose for———-Um, did you say cookie?

Here I am looking ‘dorable – “Cheese”!  Snap that shot & get my cookie!

She plays dirty…now I am for sure back to my photo strike.

Check out what all the other Camera Critters are doing.



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  1. AWWWW!
    Oscar, we know exactly how u feel! Mummy is ALWAYS FOREVER FOR ETERNITY flashing that thing in our faces, even when we are trying to sleep.
    But u do look adorable even in your statue posture:)
    wags, Ginger n Buddy

  2. Poor Oskar, having to share your couch. It's just not fair, is it? People are always getting in the way.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. We cracked up at "cookie" and your eye was open right away!
    Oskar, we're sorry, but you don't fool us one bit. Cuz we're just as bad…

  4. hey Oskar,

    Cookies do it every time, so don't feel bad. Seriously, what pup can resist the cookie? But before the cookie trick, you were doing great as a stone statue. I was very impressed by your Will power!


  5. Ha! Those are just too cute! I needed you to talk for my dog in last weeks camera critters…he was so abused by actually getting a bath! 🙁

  6. We hate that flashy box too, Oskar!! But we admit, we like getting treats more. Ah, the pawparazzi knows our weakness!!

  7. Oh…we left a comment on your other bloggie…of course you can have pics from our blog for the Parade, dear boy…fab idea!!!

    We just had another photo op in the yardie with our hooman Bruvver's new pup…

    I did look adorable…as usual…

    Kisses, Oskar!

    Lacie Girlie

  8. Hey Oskar,
    My Mama's bad too but at least she doesn't use the flash often. But you look convincing as a statue until you fell for the cookie bribe! har har har *evil laughs*

  9. Oskar! We know about that flashy box. Oh boy do we know! But we haven't learned to strike yet … we're too crazy about the treats. 'Specially if Moma pulls out the big stakes ones … the buffalo jerky!

    Hope your Halloween is fun and safe. We sorta doubt you'll be spending much time sleeping on the pillows!

    Jake and Fergi

  10. Bonjour dear Oskar,
    You know…it's difficult to have a peaceful moment, to take a nap without perturbations, and that flash box around!:)
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  11. LOL!!! come on Oskar you just know she'll get you in the end, I find its better to pose at least I get a treat 🙂
    Happy Halloween to you
    See Yea George xxx

  12. Oskar, you are a much stronger dog than I am to be able to resist as long as you did! I'll do just about anything for mom when she has the flashy box (look at today's post, for example) – I embarrass myself… Oh well, it makes mom happy & I get lots of cookies!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  13. Oskar, that was really sneaky to use the cookie word on you. Our Mom does that too. The flashy thingie & treats.

  14. Oskar… I saw your comment about a Holiday Card X-Change for PBU. I do NOT feel that you are taking Indiana's Idea. You go ahead. You may reach some who are NOT covered with the one we are working on.
    There MAY even be some who want to do BOTH.
    I will stick with just the one we are doing… butt the more that are covered the better. TIS the Season!!!
    PLEASE let me know that you read this. OK?

  15. Mom Loves the Camera around here also! WE think she has lost her mind.
    Your Friends

  16. We can't resist the cookie treats either. You are furry cute, Oskar, and we are happy you dropped by to visit us.

    Happy Halloween!

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  17. Hi Oskar,

    We just wanted to say say Hi and Happy Halloween!

    You look grrrreat as ever!

    We have missed you a lot!

    Riley and Star.

  18. Evil evilllll… you got tricked. Never fall for the cookie trick.. never..

    urrmm.. did someone mention cookie?

    *woofs & licks*

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