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My Corn Cob Cigar

Camera Critters

The devil squirrels that come through my yard leave corn cobs behind when I chase them off.  I got one today.

Here’s some better shots.  My mom person says it looks like I have a corn cob cigar. 

How do you like me with a cigar?

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The Return Of My Personal Space Heater!

Camera Critters

This is my personal space heater.  It was designed to warm my personal space.  I need it now more than ever since my doofus slow-headed caring people decided to get me a nudie cut on the first day we got snow flakes!

Hello, old friend!

Oh the heat make me drowsy.

Nappy time…you want me to do what??

Share with the kitties!!!

Oh, you’re serious.

Whatever, I’m settling in for a long winter’s nap.

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Pawparazzi Strike

Camera Critters

I’ve had enough.  Enough of that woman with her flashy box in my face.  No matter how she tries she will not get any reaction from me.  I am a stone statue.  Flash away, I am immune.

She made kissing noises & called my name…I do not move.

She jumped up and down like the fool she is, but I stand my ground.

She sees she cannot break me, I will not pose for———-Um, did you say cookie?

Here I am looking ‘dorable – “Cheese”!  Snap that shot & get my cookie!

She plays dirty…now I am for sure back to my photo strike.

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Camera Critters

I’m working hard trying to help my mom person to get over her sickies.

I’m resting really hard, hoping that it will help her.

Hmm, maybe I should move into the bed.  Even sick this woman won’t get the flashy box out of my face!

Here’s hoping none of you gets the sickies.  You’d better rest up just to make sure!

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Mr. Bumble’s Big Day ~ Camera Critters!

Camera Critters

Today it’s only about about 55 degrees here in Michigan.  My mom person found this bumble bee on the screen window & said, “Oskar we’ll put this bumble on your blog for Camera Critters today.” 

Mr. Bumble

Now even though this blog is called The Daily Oskar, I thought it was cool to let Mr. Bumble share my spotlight.

We’re not talented nature photographers like so many of the Camera Critters people are, but we hope you enjoy our little bumble.  (He even looks like he’s wearing a fall sweater!)

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Baby Oskar

Camera Critters Photos of all Fids

Since my mom person has been busy doing lame important things, she has not been photographing me as she should.

I thought Sharing some pictures of Baby Oskar, might be fun.  Who doesn’t love puppy pictures, right?

My birth mommy, Shelly, was an all white schnauzer who had 8 solid black puppies.  She was a very good mom.  Don’t we look funny with our white mommy?  (My daddy was all black, but I never met him.)

Here I am at 1 week old.  If you look very closely you can see I was born with a tiny white beard.  It went away very quickly.

Here I am at two weeks with my eyes open.  I didn’t understan the significance that the flashy box would have in my life, so I was a little timid.

This was our first real meal.  We wanted as much as possible, so we had to climb right in & get our fair share.

I’m the biggest one sitting right on the plate.  I was the first one born, so I was responsible to help take care of all of the other pups.  I was very responsible from an early age.  Here I am letting one of the older dogs, Madison know that we would like to learn schnauzer things from her.  She was very kind with us.

I’ll leave you of one more of me checking out grass for the first time.  Everything seemed very big to me!

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No Rest For The Oskar

Camera Critters

Sorry we’ve been gone all week. My mom person tried to get sick again, but we wouldn’t let her!

She couldn’t sleep last night, so she was up on the computer at about 4 a.m. My dad person got up too, but he & I decided the best thing would be to curl up on the couch and take a nap.


Guess who decided it would be the perfect time for the flashy box??


Woman, just because you can’t sleep it doesn’t mean the rest of us wouldn’t like to!


Just one more, of course. What would a post about me trying to sleep be without an embarassing sleep-woozle picture. *sigh*


There you go, woozle shot, now scram!


Fine if you can’t leave me alone, I’ll retreat to my nest to sleep.


*double sigh*

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Hummy Birds, Hmph!

My mom person has some new fascination. It’s a bird called a hummy bird. I am not impressed.

I don’t hear them doing one single bit of humming.

This is the hummy bird feeder. It sits right outside of my mom person’s computer desk.


My mom person makes special sugar food for the hummy bird. Then the hummy birds come and drink the food.


Now we’ve already established that the hummy birds don’t hum, so what’s the big deal you ask?


Well it seems that the amazing hummy bird eats while holding still. Yeah, big whip, it eats while it stands still.

I eat while I stand still every day. Even the cats have the ability to stand still while they eat.

But the non-humming hummy birds, yeah they get special sugar food & everybody ooh’s & ahh’s because they can eat standing still.

I’m pretty sure if that’s grounds for rewards & fussing, then I should be at the top of that list, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Hmph!


Camera Critters

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