Twisted Sleeping

I’ve been working on my sleeping positions.  We all know how important sleeping positions are and I think this is a good one.  Make sure you stretch before trying this advanced sleeping technique.

You notice that my head is going in a different direction than my body.

I think I’m ready for the 2012 Olympics plus the flashy box woman can’t disturb me!



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  1. We must somehow be related! We do stuff like that, too. We especially love to stick our heads under pillows and twist our bodies the other way. 🙂
    ~Milly and Shelby

  2. I never understood how you pups can sleep with your noses tucked under something without suffocating! It's really quite a talent!

  3. Nice moves Oskar. I like the one where your head is going a different direction than your body. I call that one the pretzel when my dogs do it. Happy napping!

  4. whoa, oskar, i'm totally impressed! that is one crazy go nuts stretchy snoozin' position you got goin' on there! oh, and the added bonus is that your nose won't get cold all smushed in the pillows like that. i hate when my nose gets cold…well, it is fun to goose mama with my cold nose when she isn't lookin'. HEEHEE.

    the booker man

  5. I do the twisted sleepies sometimes too, Oskar. Mom can't figure out how I can find it comfy but it is!

    Love ya lots

  6. Bonjour mommy and Oskar!
    I think Oskar really knows how to pose with the cushion there, great and comfortable spot!
    You look very relaxed, it's wonderful!
    purrs and always love
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA ( and mommy Léia )

  7. Hey Oskar, we saw Christmas doing that and we thought she was weird. Now we know, she's only being a Schnauzer!

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