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5:00 AM…Really?

My mom person got up at 5 AM and said, “Oskar let’s go blog, what should we write about?”

We should write about how it’s 5 AM and you woke me up.

And we can write about how it’s nice to curl up in a pile of quilts in the middle of a sun puddle…

and go to sleep while your crazy mom person is blogging.

She may be my mom person, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mad as a hatter!


Easy Like Sunday

Chloe & I are just chillin’ & relaxin’ here at the house for our Easy Like Sunday.

But I do get up and check out the yard every once in a while to make sure that there is no breach in security.

I’m still doing my job, mom!

Hope you have an easy Sunday.


Silly Moe!

So my mom person has been using a camera belonging to John, my oldest boy.  It’s a big fancy camera that she doesn’t know how to use.  Case in point; she’s taken pictures for days, never realizing that the memory card was not in the camer, bwah hahaha!

I have to show you how one of our cats, Moe, sleeps.

Yep, she’s a face sleeper.  That doesn’t stop her from snoring like a big old man person, though.

This is how it should be done!


Can’t Sleep

Last night my mom person &  I couldn’t sleep we we moved onto the sunporch so as not to disturb my dad person.

Mom brough out blankets and pillows so that we could be cozy on the couch.

My end of the couch is all set, I was surprised to see she didn’t bring out any pillows or blankets for herself.  The far end of the couch won’t be as comfortable for her.

I hope she doesn’t keep me up when she finally goes to get herself pillows and blankets.