Feeling Better & A Shoutout to Fatty & Ally!

Thanks for all of your well wishes for my mom person.  She is feeling better today, and she knows it’s because all of you sent so many pawsitive thoughts!

It’s tough work being the Dr. on call!

I’ve been trying to comment on Fatty & Ally’s blog, The Schnauzer Blog, and haven’t had any success.  After an ad I can type the comment, but not actually post it.  I hope you’re reading this!  Fatty just had a beautiful boy puppy named Perry, so stop by and say hello if you can.

Stay warm friends, it’s freezing cold here in Michigan!



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  1. Oskar, we had to go check out the new puppy after reading your post. What a cutie he is fur sure. We didn't have trouble leaving comments, but it took several times for it to take. The grinch has been busy eating comments for us blogging pals this year. The HoundDogs

  2. Oskaw
    I'm so glad ouw powewe of the paw is helping youw mom pewson.
    You must be exhausted being such a wesponsibull dogtow
    Get some west
    smoochie kisses

  3. Oskar, my sweet friend,
    You look so comfortable there in this picture, it's beautiful!
    Glad that mommy is feeling better today!
    purrs and a lovely weekend,
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA and mommy Léia

  4. OOOH! new puppy. we'll go check him out.. Glad your Mom is better. You did a good job taking care of her. It is hard work taking care of someone so make sure you get some rest.

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