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We’re still here!  My mom person is still trying to sort out the tangled mess that is her brain.

There’s not alot going on to write about, but I thought I’d share this picture of me laughing and having fun!

Oh, & guess what?  My youngest boy Jack got his drivers license and a car.

My mom persons tummy hurts just thinking about him out there on his own!

And Then Her Whole Head Turned Yellow!

So I’ve been gone for like 6,987 days even thought it says right up there “The Daily Oskar.

Well, so my mom person wasn’t feeling very good.  She kept getting dizzier & weaker & I got very much worried about her.

She went to the emergency room & they said “hmm, her eyebulbs is yellow!”  Then all the Dr.’s talked and decided to keep her there where I can’t make her better!

My mom person said she woke up the next day in the hosptial and her whole head had turned yellow!  Now yellow is her favorite color, but this was not an attractive look.  She said she looked like Lisa Simpson!


They kept her there for 6 nights trying to figure out why her liver was giving her the yellow making jaundice.  She doesn’t drink the al-ke-hols, so they decided that it was her Bi-polar medications, which keep her from being a total miserable spaz, that was tickin’ off her liver.  They took away all of the medicines that made her feel like a whole happy, person inside & now she’s back to being a miserable spaz.  An unhappy one.

She goes to her brain Dr. tomorrow to try & figure out how to make her bi-polars calm the heck down.

And I get to be nappin’ right along with her to make sure that those yellow heebie-jeebies don’t get her again.

If you could all cross your paws that they get her feelin’ good again I would really appreciate it.  She’s been gone to this hospital waaaaaaay too many times.  On a selfish note, I have heard whispers of a nudie-cut in my future, so crossed paws for me may be in order too!


Life Is Good!

Guess what?

She’s back here with me, right where she belongs!

We’re getting ready for a camping adventure next week, so we may be gone a little more, but we’ll have lots of great photos and adventures to share when we return!

And again a huge thank you and hugs to all of you who send love, prayers, good vibes and get well wishes for my mom person.  They really lift her mood when she is trapped in that nasty hospital.  We’ve discussed it and I’ve told her that she won’t be going back there any time soon!


Feeling Better & A Shoutout to Fatty & Ally!

Thanks for all of your well wishes for my mom person.  She is feeling better today, and she knows it’s because all of you sent so many pawsitive thoughts!

It’s tough work being the Dr. on call!

I’ve been trying to comment on Fatty & Ally’s blog, The Schnauzer Blog, and haven’t had any success.  After an ad I can type the comment, but not actually post it.  I hope you’re reading this!  Fatty just had a beautiful boy puppy named Perry, so stop by and say hello if you can.

Stay warm friends, it’s freezing cold here in Michigan!



Camera Critters

I’m working hard trying to help my mom person to get over her sickies.

I’m resting really hard, hoping that it will help her.

Hmm, maybe I should move into the bed.  Even sick this woman won’t get the flashy box out of my face!

Here’s hoping none of you gets the sickies.  You’d better rest up just to make sure!

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