First Annual Picnic in the Park Bug House – Part 1

We have the creepy, the crawly, the cute, and the just plain disgusting!  Enter at your own risk!

From Tales & Tails




From Downunder Daisy, my beautiful girlfriend Bella & a bug.

Flat George in another bug house!

Some great ones from Uji

From Beans 4 Biscuits, man this on is BIG!

A green anole lizard from Road Dog Tales.

From Roo at Roos Doins

From Mona & Weenie 

Next we have Phantom & Ciara from The Chronicle of Woos





I’ll close out this part of the bug house with the beautiful girl who’s everybody’s friend, Asta!

Beautiful, while warding off that bee, Asta!

Asta with pill bugs

Nice hat!

Come back for 2 more bugs house posts, one more today and another tomorrow.  Of course our bug house is part of the Picnic in the Park to help Charlie with his vet bills over at Paws of Peace!  There are tons of fun events going on out there, here are the links:

Fenris The Flower Show

Sarge Bobbing for Tube Steaks Contest

Mollie Jo Fashion Show & Announcement of Raffle Winners

Bertie Water Related Science Experiments

Road Dogs Bounce House- 25 cent donation to Charlie per post left today and Saturday

Mr. Pip Brat & Beer Tent

Shawnee Blogville Ampy Theater special movie

Wyatt Presentation by Blogville’s Secretary of Agriculture

Ronnii Watermelon Eating Contest

Uji Watermelon Eating Contest

Sugar Golden Recipes

Slimmer Puggums Grand Prize Winner revealed on Monday!!

Make sure you get around to all of the other picnic site today & tomorrow for all of the fun events!



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  1. Oskar, those are some great pictures! I went from "Oh I want to chase those" to "aaahhhh get them away" to "those are some stinking cute pictures". Hope lots of dough is raised to Charlie 🙂

    Pauley James

  2. I am a little scared of some of those bugs! I think I will stick with the OP Pack's toy bugs OR maybe I need a bug proof suit like Asta!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hey Oskar!
    Wow, these are great pix! Love the toy bugs…they're the safest kind. Asta is fashionable even in a bee suit! BOL Can't wait to see the rest. Cool, pawesome, amazing!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. OMD, skeery bugs! PUT THE BITEY ON THEM! I is reddy if'n they come my way and be buzzing around my hed. Grrrrr.

  5. Oh my, those are some cool drool BUGS!! Love the little black dude with the big round eyes looking at us!! BOL cracked us Up!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  6. I feel like I need to Roll and Roach all around!! I had to wait outside your exhibit for like 87 weeks.. the line was HOOOOOGE long and the squeeeling and oooooohhhhhing and YUCKINGs from the ones inside… had me all excited.
    I really loved each and every one of them… being an outside
    Manly He-Dawg sort and all.. butt I'm thinkin the young'uns are gonna LOVE Phantom, Ciara, and Thunders' Entries!!!
    I think you Did a grrrrrreat job of gettin the creepy crawlies gathered up and ready fur DISPLAY!!
    PeeS… Sarge EATS bugs…I'm just sayin!!!

  7. Oskaw
    I loved all those pictoowes ouw fwiends awe vewy bwave to go take such close ups of those hooge bugses
    I hope you don't think I'm a total wuss weawing so much pwotective geaw, but I have to confess, they sowt of cweep me out
    Thank you so much fow sponsowing this fun event
    smoochie kisses

  8. We see our bug!!!! Man, our bug looks kinda tame compared to some of those creepy crawly things. Bet we're gonna have some weird dreams tonight!

    The Road Dogs

  9. Who knew there were so many creepy crawlies lurking around Blogville? You've got some really cool pictures here!


  10. Oooooh no – that's not us that's the human, she's stood on a chair now at the thought! There are some very interesting bugs there, we think we prefer the ones Thunder and Co have though 🙂 See you again soon, Dex & Lou

  11. Hi! I just found your blog from I am a pet photographer and I have a 2 year mini schnauzer remington. He even has his own facebook page under "remington schnauzer" you can also find me on facbeook and more of his pics at great blog, loving oskar!

  12. hey Oskar,

    What a great set of bug photos! I LOVE the photo of the little black bug with the big black bug eyes. So cute! What kind of bug is that little guy?!

    And are "pill bugs" the same as roly polys? They sure look the same.

    The OP Pack are hilarious with their toy bugs! BOL!

    Can't wait to see more bugs!


  13. That's a lot of creepy crawlers! Mitch loves eating them all! ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. oskar,

    bring on the bugssssss! heeheehee!
    these are totally grrreat pics. i wanna know what those creepy crawlies are eatin' over at the phantom, thunder, 'n miss ciara's house cuz they are HOOGE!

    the booker man

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