First Annual Picnic in the Park Bug House – Part 2

We’ve managed to wrangle some more slithery, creepy, crawly, flying critters for you to check out.

George the Lad called this a ladybird.  Here in the states we would call it a ladybug.

Bert sent in this creepy crawler.  You can learn the story behind it here.

Honey & Muesli wanted to submit their Auzzie entries.  Muesli caught this cockroach all by herself.

Here is Honey with her finds!

Australian Huntsman Spider

That Honey is one brave girl!  Honey’s person Hsin-Yi says these lizards grow as big as me, Oskar!

Winnie found herself some fine specimens.

From Blu we have these submissions.

Shawnee sent this cool pair of pics.

Sarge sent in a great array of bugs for us to see!

Come back for 1 more bugs house post tomorrow.  Of course our bug house is part of the Picnic in the Park to help Charlie with his vet bills over at Paws of Peace!  There are tons of fun events going on out there, here are the links:

Fenris The Flower Show

Sarge Bobbing for Tube Steaks Contest

Mollie Jo Fashion Show & Announcement of Raffle Winners

Bertie Water Related Science Experiments

Road Dogs Bounce House- 25 cent donation to Charlie per post left today and Saturday

Mr. Pip Brat & Beer Tent

Shawnee Blogville Ampy Theater special movie

Wyatt Presentation by Blogville’s Secretary of Agriculture

Ronnii Watermelon Eating Contest

Uji Watermelon Eating Contest

Sugar Golden Recipes

Slimmer Puggums Grand Prize Winner revealed on Monday!!

Make sure you get around to all of the other picnic site today & tomorrow for all of the fun events!



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  1. Oskar, your mom must be FAINTING with all those pawsome bugs and kreepie krawlies around! This is most eggsiting seeing all the bugs and stuffs. Well, not so much fur your mom.

  2. COOL! I like that pink/white/yellow butterfly. I've never seen a butterfly with those colouring before. So pretty!

  3. Oskar… some of the Girrrrls and young'uns were FAINTING and SCREAMING and stuffs.. so fur tomorrow.. I have some guys lined up to sit outside the Bug House fur you… they can Escourt the.. delicate ones through… safely.

    Man of Man.. I can understand why there was screaming and fainting.. these bugs and creepy crawlie thingys… are the stuffs that Night Mares are made of!!! SHIVER
    BUTT… I am LOVIN every one of them.

  4. Some of those creepy crawlies is pretty scary Oskar!
    Where's Kozmo when me needs him to catch bugs!

  5. Hey Oskar those sure are some great bug pics!

    Just to let everyone know, Mom (Blu) took the pics but I was the one to pick them out and send them. Course I can'ts complain couse you is one busy pup and your Mom too!

    Off to Pawty More! Tessa

  6. Those are some cool creepy crawlie thingies! We wanted to send you a picture of the centipedes that live in our basement, but our Mama is so scared of them, she told us don't even THINK about looking for one! (They usually sneak up on her, and you should hear her scream!)

  7. Hey Oskar!
    Wow, what cool creepers! That big spider has my peeps all creeped out! Blech Love these pix. This is a super-cool event!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. Oh Oskar, what a fantastic array of bugs. Your house must be crawling! We'd like to play with ALL those bugs and chase a lizard or two.

    XXXOOO Bella

  9. Wow!! Never knew there was so manmy nasty looking bugs in this world. Since Mommy's spider bite she is scared to even look at one.
    She saw a cockroach this morninbg and almost had a heart attack.

    {{{huggies}}}}…Mona & Weenie

  10. I can see why the ladys are sceaming, great bugs, don't mind sitting around the bug house tomorrow and helping out, I might not be to good cus that beer is a bit strong!!

  11. OMG. That picture of Muesli and the roach is EXACTLY what Boomerang has been bringing home the last week. But the ones he brings home are LIVE COCKROACHES. And I am TERRIFIED of cockroaches. Ugh.

  12. Those are some wild lookin bugs! The giant spider sent Mom screamin from the room Tee Hee Hee.

    This is fun!

    Waggin at ya,

  13. So sorry we didn't get around to sending you some of the fifty trillion midges that inhabit Scotland at this time of year…
    Toodle pip!

  14. Oskar dear,
    Awesome bugs!!!! Brad is checking whether you've captured his run away bug, Mr Roachie. purrr…meow!

  15. oskar,

    miss honey found the coolest lizard evarrr!! i like that george found a ladybug cuz that's one of my fave buggies! oh, and does sarge (or anybuddy else) know
    what kind of buggie that pink 'n yellow one is? i've nevarrr seen one like that before!

    the booker man

    pee s — my mama is still passed out on the floor after seein' that mega spider. HEEHEE.

  16. We were very happy to see the lady bug we don't see many of them any more and we thinks they are good for our plants.

  17. hey Oskar,

    Pawsome bugs! What a fantastic collection! Your fur-friends really know how to find the creepy crawlies!

    Hope your mom is not hyperventilating. And, I hope you will still get treats after putting her through this. BOL!


  18. Qish gets annoyed when there's a bug in the house, and he would follow it around (I normally help). But momma is craaaazy scared of those insects with hairy legs!


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