We were lucky enough to be contacted by, & they have really gone all out.  They offered a review for this blog, a $50.00 giveaway on Pet Blogs United, and even a $50.00 promo code for one of our favorite shelters, PAWS to use for supplies.

We were thrilled with the items that we ordered from, although it did start out a bit dissapointing for me, Oskar. 

When the first box arrived I could not wait to dig in.

I knew that there had to be something wonderful in there.

Uhhh, kitty litter…yippee…

But my mom person says that I have to tell you that the kitty litter is available at great prices and shipping is only $4.95 flat rate shipping, no matter how heavy your order & if you order $49+ worth of product shipping is free!  Plus the mailperson does most of the work lugging the heavy bags of food or litter which makes her happy too.

Now the next box was more to my liking,

Treats for the kitties & Greenies & my very first bully stick for me.

We’ve got to tell you that is fast & easy to use, has comparable prices to your neighborhood store & shipping is fast & inexpensive. get a paws up & a thumbs up from me and the old mom person.  Give them a try the next time you need supplies or an assortment of yummy treats!



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  1. We were ecstatic when we were contacted by Mr.Chewy as well and we reviewed them last week…Mom said she is DEFINITELY going to order from them again!

    Love, Cody

  2. Oh Yes1 Kitty litter to the door! Maybe our box would have new letter in it if it came right to our door.

  3. Mr Chewy looks like a great website. Unfortunately only in US at moment. lovely picture of you all 🙂 Hope your mom is feeling better now. Our two legs mom can totally sympathise with sinusitus problems. Expect your mom has tried steam inhalations with couple of drops of tea tree oil for example.or Homeopathy can be good for some people. A late Happy New year to you 🙂

  4. You sure are lucky to get to do such cool reviews.

    We read about Mr. Chewey on another friend's website as well. Sounds nice, but we enjoy actually going to the store…call us crazy. 🙂

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