AKC Eukanuba National Championship

Guess who’s mom person was at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship dog show this past December?  Mine!

The show will be televised today on ABC, so check your local listings & see if you can spot her ringside.

She’ll also be Tweeting during the show, so you can follow her and the other bloggers listed below if you Tweet.

Enjoy the show!



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  1. We are watching right now but it's almost over and we didn't know to watch for your Mom! Luckily, awe Mom taped it so we can watch it again!

    Chloe and Cecil

  2. Well, Oskar, we're back. We saw the dog championship thingie, but we didn't see your mom. We thought the winner, London, couldn't hold a candle to the little guy we saw (forgot the breed-toy w/ black fur).
    Anyway, all handsome and beautiful woofies. Thanks for reminding us it was on. Mom Julie likes shows like that.


  3. Wow!!! Oskar, are you gonna be her press secretary and also her bodyguard??? That is soooo cool, we love to watch that and we will look for her.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  4. I wanna come. I've always wanted to go into one of those National Championships.

    Are you going to strut your stuff there, Oskar?

    I hope you enjoyed your trip.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. hey Oskar,

    Yay to your mom! Very cool! We don't have a TV so we can't watch, but we know she did a pawsome job because your blog always looks so good! Congrats to your mom!

    Suka (and K)

  6. Your kidding? Your pretty mom is going to be at the show and on tv?
    How cool is that! She will be a star!
    I will watch and look for her!

  7. Oh we watched when we saw it listed in our TV Guide. We knew your Mom had been there and we knew what she looked like. We think maybe we saw her. I eat Eukanuba. I wear a Eukanuba scarf sometimes.
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. I do tweet but I didn't have the TV on yesterday!! Hubby is home and we keep ourselves busy together with out TV to get in the way! I do love to see the dogs tho. Who won?????
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  9. We didn't know your mom was there Oskar! We watched a little of it on TV, and didn't see your mom. Mommy was teasing Grandma while we were all watching the show on TV. Grandma has to do some physical therapy since she is home from the hospital from heart surgery. Mommy said to grandma — maybe your physical therapist will be able to train you to run around a ring with Lassie and Benji and show them off like those handlers at the dog show. Grandma can't laugh too hard, because of the surgery — but she was sure smiling at that one! Anyway, it must have been so exciting to be there at the show! Great photo! Congratulations.

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