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BlogPaws, Are You Going?

I'm going to BlogPaws AGAIN badge

So one of us will be attending BlogPaws again this year.  That one does not happen to be fuzzy adorable me.  Apparantly things like lack of manners and poor socialization with other dogs will not get you invited to BlogPaws.

But I’m happy to report that my mom person got her dream sponsor, EzyDog, and will be making the trip to Salt Lake City.

Here’s me in my cool EzyDog Chest Plate Harness while we were camping last month. 

We did a review of the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness on Pet Blogs United a while back & since then it’s the only thing I wear on my walkies and camping trips. 

Their high quality products made EzyDog an easy choice for my mom person to partner with so you’ll be hearing a lot more about them.  We’ve got a couple of reviews lined up & even a special discount code exclusively for The Daily Oskar & Pet Blogs United Readers.

My mom person, who’s name is actually Pam, wants to meet all of our friends who will be at BlogPaws, so drop her a line at PBU at comcast dot net if you want to exchange contact information so you can meet up.

As for me I’ll be banking on her bringing back tons of cool swag from the conference like she did last year!

5:00 AM…Really?

My mom person got up at 5 AM and said, “Oskar let’s go blog, what should we write about?”

We should write about how it’s 5 AM and you woke me up.

And we can write about how it’s nice to curl up in a pile of quilts in the middle of a sun puddle…

and go to sleep while your crazy mom person is blogging.

She may be my mom person, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mad as a hatter!


My People’s Earth Day Training

For Earth Day, my peeps went to an Adopt-a-Stream event to learn how to volunteer for the Clinton River Watershed Council.

They learned how to collect bugs and data twice a year to help measure the health of a stretch of the river.

Here she goes in her waders into the stream.  She wants me to tell you that her butt is not that big, it’s the waders…yeah right!

They had little nets to capture bugs in and had to sample different areas of the river to collect a wide variety.

Here she is digging in.

And she was very proud that she made it back out of the river without falling on her wader-enlarged butt.

I was not invited to the event, but I’m proud of them for doing something good for Earth Day.  I celebrated my earth by roaching around in my back yard.


Little Spring Flowers

Today my mom person wanted to post a picture of me sitting in all of the little wildflowers in the back yard.

I sat and let her take a picture of me.

She wasn’t happy with that picture.  I wasn’t happy with sitting there.

I left.  It’s spring, with things to see & smell & do!  I don’t want to sit still with that flashy box in my face!

Here is another picture of the flowers to tide you over.

I hope whatever you do today, it does not involve sitting still on a glorious spring day, unless it’s your idea!

Guess Where I Am?

Can you guess where I am?

I guess it should be, can you guess what I’m doing?  My mom person is with me…

and my dad person is with me, too.

I’m camping!

But who goes camping when it’s in the low 40’s?  My peeps that’s who!  Guess where I hung out when it got too cold for me (I don’t like campfires.  Fires scare me are too hot.)

Hmm, I thought this was gonna be fun…we’ll have to see if it warms up.


And Then Her Whole Head Turned Yellow!

So I’ve been gone for like 6,987 days even thought it says right up there “The Daily Oskar.

Well, so my mom person wasn’t feeling very good.  She kept getting dizzier & weaker & I got very much worried about her.

She went to the emergency room & they said “hmm, her eyebulbs is yellow!”  Then all the Dr.’s talked and decided to keep her there where I can’t make her better!

My mom person said she woke up the next day in the hosptial and her whole head had turned yellow!  Now yellow is her favorite color, but this was not an attractive look.  She said she looked like Lisa Simpson!


They kept her there for 6 nights trying to figure out why her liver was giving her the yellow making jaundice.  She doesn’t drink the al-ke-hols, so they decided that it was her Bi-polar medications, which keep her from being a total miserable spaz, that was tickin’ off her liver.  They took away all of the medicines that made her feel like a whole happy, person inside & now she’s back to being a miserable spaz.  An unhappy one.

She goes to her brain Dr. tomorrow to try & figure out how to make her bi-polars calm the heck down.

And I get to be nappin’ right along with her to make sure that those yellow heebie-jeebies don’t get her again.

If you could all cross your paws that they get her feelin’ good again I would really appreciate it.  She’s been gone to this hospital waaaaaaay too many times.  On a selfish note, I have heard whispers of a nudie-cut in my future, so crossed paws for me may be in order too!


Her Last Marble Just Rolled Away!

Oskar here to tell you what time it is at our house.  5:36 AM.  Now for some of you that might be a normal time to wake up, but my mom person never went to bed!

She got on some kind of manic streak & decided to tackle her inbox which had over 4,700 e-mails that had to be sorted and some even responded to.  4,700!  How do you let it get that bad.

And while I admire her commitment, couldn’t she do it like a normal person and do them a hundred or so at a time?

I can’t sleep because she keeps conversing with me, at 5:30 in the morning!

Ugh, the things we have to put up with all because we don’t have any thumbs and are not tall enough to reach the cookie jar.

A very sleepy Oskar signing off & heading back to dreamland.