Cowspot Dog’s Check Your Pee-Mail Contest

My friends Reilly & Denny over at Cowspot Dog are having a Check You Pee-Mail contest.  You just need to post or send them a picture of you checking out your favorit pee-mail spot.

Here’s mine.  It’s outside at my Vet’s office.  It’s a pawsome pee-mail place because of all the dogs that visit everyday.

Ooh, it smells like a scottie, and a cocker spaniel, and a sheltie…I’m gonna be here for awhile!


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  1. Dear Oskar (and Pam)
    Thanks yous so much for coming to my Birthday Pawty! Me was really surprised! And me so enjoyed having all my friends come and share this special day with mes!

  2. What a great pee-mail spot. Did you say a Sheltie was there. Oooo I am so going to check out that pee-mail spot now and leave them a message back!

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