Blogville Pitty Post Day

My good friend Corbin, who is one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever want to meet, is having a Blogville Pitty Post Day, to celebrate his heritage & his birthday.  He couldn’t wait for Pit Bull Awareness day in October!

The stupid people where I live say that pit bulls are illegal, but if you knew Corbin, even just through the computer like me, you would never ban such an amazing dog.

He has a post about being a pit bull that I would love for you to read.  You Call Me A Pit Bull Like It’s A Bad Thing is such a great representation of who Corbin is.

For all of the information about Pittie Post Day click here.  I hope to see all all on Monday!


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  1. Hi Oskar,
    I love pit bulls. One saved my life once!!! I have been having trouble leaving comments on Word Press of late but I am going to try.
    You have to have some kind of ladder to get in and out of those big trucks.

  2. Hi Oskar…It is I, Madi, mom and I ‘think’ we just linked up to your new home like were were supposed. Sometimes the old girl misses a step but anywho we also subscribed via email so surely we’ll see be in touch.

    We are looking forward to participating in Corbin’s big day too.

    Hugs Madi and MOm
    Madi and Mom recently posted..Debutante Ball for TruffleMy Profile

  3. Hewo Oskaw
    So vewy happy that you visited me and I found yoo again

    I so agwee about Cowbin, he’s a lovely woggie and I am so sad that some hoomans awe so pwjudiced against sweet pitties They awe sweet and kind and have gweat big smiles and heawts. Just cause they’we stwong bad hoomans have given them a bad wepootation. It’s bad hoomans who should be banned, not pitties
    Smoochie kisses

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