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My Doggone Swap With Sarge

Sprinkles hosted a cool swap and I got lucky enough to get my buddy Sarge as my partner.  Let me tell you, Sarge should be a personal shopper!

I could hardly wait to see what was in the box when it came.

Look at this stuff, a cool bowl, some treats a no-stuffing beaver and two Dura-Play toys!

Can I have that, please?

C’mon, lets take it outside!

Don’t worry, Blue, you’re still my favorite!

I’d like to take the beaver outside…

What do you mean, NO…Oskar’s don’t like the word NO!  All right then let’s go out and play with the little green ball.

This is some really fangtastic stuff, Sarge.  Thanks for being such a good swap partner!

Blogville Pitty Post Day

My good friend Corbin, who is one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever want to meet, is having a Blogville Pitty Post Day, to celebrate his heritage & his birthday.  He couldn’t wait for Pit Bull Awareness day in October!

The stupid people where I live say that pit bulls are illegal, but if you knew Corbin, even just through the computer like me, you would never ban such an amazing dog.

He has a post about being a pit bull that I would love for you to read.  You Call Me A Pit Bull Like It’s A Bad Thing is such a great representation of who Corbin is.

For all of the information about Pittie Post Day click here.  I hope to see all all on Monday!

Mr. Groundhog Makes His Escape

There is some randome rule about “inside” toys & “outside” toys. I really don’t pay any attention to it.

Mr. Groundhog has spring fever like the rest of us, so I took him out for a little fresh air.

Well guess who got her panties in a bunch & came after us. Well, if you didn’t guess it’s my mom person. I chose to ignore her.

Here’s a video of that foolish woman trying to get Mr. Groundhog from me.

Well, once I got in guess how she got me back.

No good deed goes unpunished.


Awards To Share!

Some of my new friends Mack & Sally Ann created their own award featuring the always handsome Mack, an American Eskimo. His baby sister Sally Ann is a very cute, very well dressed Welsh Terrier. Thank you so much for thinking of me when you gave out your homemade award.

They said that the recipients of this award can do anything they want with it, so I would like to pass it on to a couple of my newest blog friends.

Riley & Star my two new maltese friends. They are the adorable white fluffies.

Nellie & Calvert two great miniature schnauzer friends.

From Mango a big loveable brute of a mastiff (and champion drooler) and his baby brother (who he calls a Labradork) Dexter passed on the Daisy Award.

I have been instructed to
1) Put this award on my blog and a link to who gave it to me.
2) Give a nod to the
purple hatter.
3) Tag five other doggies who you just can’t get enough of. Here goes…

Carolina at Brinkbeest in English. My mom person & I are so glad that they are back to blogging.

Brutus the Frenchie who we love even though he is an Ohio State fan.

Hamish & Yuna. Hamish is a adorable wiry terrier type of doggie (I’m sorry Hamish, I’m not sure what kind!). Yuna is his Shar Pei little sister.

Norwood, a crazy Blue Heeler Jack Russell Terrier mix.

Santa and her dog friends that sometimes share her blog. Santa has the best ears ever!

And just so you don’t miss me, here’s a picture of me relaxing on my nest today!